Year of the Goat: Chinese Zodiac Meaning and Years

Year of the Goat: Chinese Zodiac Meaning and Years

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The Chinese Zodiac consists of a cycle of 12 animals, including the goat. Each year corresponds to one of these animals. The goat is the 8th animal in this cycle. Technically, the Chinese word yang could refer to a sheep, ram, or goat, but in English, people mostly refer to it as a goat year. The Chinese Zodiac follows the lunar calendar. So, each year of the goat starts on the lunar new year, which is also sometimes called the Chinese new year. Because it follows the lunar calendar, each lunar near year is on a different date on the Gregorian calendar every year.

Every animal symbol in the Chinese zodiac corresponds to personality traits, lucky and unlucky symbols, either yin or yang qualities, and an element. Additionally, each goat year corresponds to a different one of the five elements that gives the people born in that year slightly different traits from those who were born in other years.

Chinese zodiacThe Chinese Zodiac consists of a cycle of 12 animals, including the goat.

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Was I Born In The Year Of The Goat?

You can tell what element you were born under by using this chart.

DatesElementFebruary 13, 1907 – February 1, 1908Fire GoatFebruary 1, 1919 – February 19, 1920Earth GoatFebruary 17, 1931 – February 5, 1932Metal GoatFebruary 5, 1943 – January 24, 1944Water GoatJanuary 24, 1955 – February 11, 1956Wood GoatFebruary 9, 1967 – January 29, 1968Fire GoatJanuary 28, 1979 – February 15, 1980Earth GoatFebruary 15, 1991 – February 3, 1992Metal GoatFebruary 1, 2003 – January 21, 2004Water GoatFebruary 19, 2015 – February 7, 2016Wood GoatFebruary 6, 2027 – January 25, 2028Fire GoatJanuary 24, 2039 – February 11, 2040Earth GoatFebruary 11, 2051 – January 31, 2052Metal GoatJanuary 29, 2063 – February 16, 2064Water GoatFebruary 15, 2075 – February 4, 2076Wood GoatFebruary 3, 2087 – January 23, 2088Fire Goat

Lucky Symbols and Times

Each animal in the Chinese Zodiac has associated lucky and unlucky symbols and times. Those who follow this branch of astrology believe that people born under the year of the goat can use the lucky symbols to attract good things in their lives, and should avoid the unlucky things. Here are some of the lucky symbols for people with the sign of goat in the Chinese Zodiac.

Lucky numbers: 2 and 7, including numbers that combine both, like 27Lucky colors: Brown, Red, PurpleLucky flowers: Carnation and primroseLucky directions: North and NorthwestLucky direction for money: SouthwestLucky direction for love: NorthRuling hour: 1pm – 3pmA closeup shot of red Primroses under the sunlight - perfect for botanical conceptsPrimrose is considered a lucky flower when you are born in the year of the goat.


Unlucky Symbols and Times

As previously mentioned, each sign in the Chinese Zodiac also has unlucky symbols that should be avoided. Unlucky symbols for the goat include:

Unlucky numbers: 6 and 8, in addition to combinations of the two like 68Unlucky colors: Blue and black

Does the Year of the Goat Have Yin or Yang Energy?

Each animal in the Chinese Zodiac has either yin or yang energy. These two energies are an essential part of Chinese philosophy. Yin has more feminine energy, is more passive, and has a cooling characteristic. Yang energy is more masculine, warming, and active.

The year of the goat has more yin energy.

Year of the GoatThe year of the goat has more yin energy.


Which Element Is Associated With the Year of the Goat?

The year of the goat is associated with the element of earth. In Chinese philosophy, this is the 3rd out of 5 elements. It is represented by the yellow dragon. In Chinese medicine, earth is associated with the spleen, stomach, mouth, and muscles.

Year of the Goat Personality Traits

Chinese Zodiac of Goat YearThe year of the goat can come with hopes for good fortune. People born under this sign are thought to be somewhat shy but friendly.


In Chinese culture, sheep represent good luck in general. So, the year of the goat can come with hopes for good fortune. People born under this sign are thought to be somewhat shy but friendly. They have a strong sense of justice and a kind heart. Like a ram, they may look gentle on the outside but have a strong and tough inner defense that can come out when it needs to. Because of this, they tend to persevere through all sorts of difficult life challenges.

They also tend to enjoy group situations and don’t like to stand out. After all, the sheep or goat that stands out from the herd is likely to get eaten by something! They make friends easily and make really good co-workers because they work best on a team, and love to finish tasks that others weren’t able to get done. Goats tend to enjoy spending their money but will also give it out generously or buy people gifts.

The more challenging aspects of goat personalities can be the duality of being so gentle but then kicking into high defense when they feel in danger. Their fierceness in times of heightened passion may surprise friends who know them as kind and gentle. They can also be stubborn.

Wood Personality Traits

People born in a wood goat year are even more friendly and polite than those born under the other elements. They also tend to prefer to be alone more than goats of the other elements.

Fire Personality Traits

Fire goats are very clean people and always have an organized space. They may have a hard time in childhood, but will have a comfortable life in adulthood. They tend to rely on their friends a lot.

Earth Personality Traits

Earth goats are very straight shooters. They don’t like to tell a lie, but because of this, they can be a little too blunt.

Metal Personality Traits

Those born in metal goat years tend to be more ambitious. They are also always thinking of others and finding ways to make their friends feel special.

Water Personality Traits

Water goats are responsible people who don’t like sudden change. They need some notice, especially when it comes to big life changes.

Famous People Born During the Year of the Goat

Some well-known people born during the year of the goat include:

Bruce WillisBill GatesSteve JobsKatharine HepburnLiberaceFrida KahloChristopher WalkenNat King ColeBarry ManilowDesmond Tutu

What Other Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With the Year of the Goat?

year of the horse chinese zodiacThe signs that are most compatible with those born in the year of the goat include rabbit, horse, and pig.

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The signs that are most compatible with those born in the year of the goat include rabbit, horse, and pig as well as other goats. The least compatible signs include ox, tiger, and dog.

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