WWE Crown Jewel 2022 - Undisputed Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Result

WWE Crown Jewel 2022 - Undisputed Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Result

Updated: 4 months, 25 days, 19 hours, 14 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Roman Reigns got the win over Logan Paul, but it was a helluva fight.

Roman Reigns defeated Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia but along the way, Logan got two near falls, put Roman through a table and The Bloodline fought with Jake Paul and Logan's entourage.

Here's how it went down courtesy of our live coverage:

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match.
Roman Reigns (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Logan Paul.

The match began with the two competitors locking up before Reigns pushed Pul into the corner. Reigns taunted the crowd before locking up again with Paul before Reigns placed Paul in the corner. Paul pushed Reigns, which Reigns was bamboozled about as the crowd chanted for Paul. Paul hit a waist lock takedown on Reigns, but Reigns responded with. takedown of his own. Paul hit a fireman's carry takedown on Reigns, but Reigns responded by slapping Paul's face before strolling out of the ring to talk strategy with Heyman. Back in the ring, Reigns got Paul in the code of Silence hold before replacing him in the corner and connecting a body shot on Paul. Reigns hit a snap-suplex on Paul for a near fall. Reigns went for a back suplex, but Paul landed on his feet. Paul did a leapfrog over Reigns before hitting hip toss and clotheslining Reigns out of the ring. Paul got out of the ring, but Reigns hit a body shot on Paul before tossing him over the barricade. Reigns taunted the crowd, but Paul hit a cross body on Reigns off the barricade. Back in the ring, Paul hit, of all things, "Hangman" Adam Page's Buckshot Lariat on Reigns for a near fall. Reigns tossed Paul out of the ring, but Paul climbed and went for a springboard move, but Reigns caught him with a slap mid-air. Reigns stomped down Paul before hitting back suplex on Paul for a kick out at one. Reigns locked Paul in a chin lock for an extensive amount of time but Paul broke the hold with body shots. Reigns placed Paul in the corner and hit ten corner lariats before connecting a leaping lariat on Paul, but Paul kicked out at one. Reigns got Paul in a modified camel clutch before transitioning into a headlock, but Paul hit another body shot at Reigns before Reigns launched Paul to the corner. Paul evaded Reigns in the corner before hitting a gut-wrench suplex on Reigns. Paul laid in the body shots on Reigns before hitting a lariat, a back elbow, and a blockbuster on Reigns off the middle rope for a near fall. Reigns kicked Paul in the abdomen but Paul caught him with a surprise Superman Punch before doing a kip-up to stand up. Paul climbed to the top rope and hit. across body followed by a standing moonsault on Reigns for a near fall. Paul tuned up the band for the Sweet Chin Music, but Reigns caught him and connected a Uranage on Paul for a near fall. Reigns went for the Superman Punch, but Pual caught him with a kidney punch followed by a lucky punch on Reigns before Paul connected a Superman Punch on Reigns, but Reigns managed to kick out at the count of two. Paul and Reigns got out of the ring and placed Reigns on the Arabic announced table. Paul then got a phone and recorded himself climbing to the top rope before connecting a Frog Splash through the Arabic announce table. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso came in to check in on Reigns before they attacked Logan Paul's entourage on and absolutely destroyed them with Superkicks. as previously announced, Jake Paul came to the ring to confront The Usos. Jake Paul hit punches on Jimmy. & Jey Uso to knock them out before Logan Paul and Reigns got back in the ring and hit a frog splash on Reigns for a near fall. Solo SIkoa came in to confront Jake Paul at ringside before Logan Paul hit a crossbody on The Usos. Logan Paul rolled back in the ring, but Reigns caught him with a vicious Superman Punch before connecting the Spear on Paul for the pinfall win. Reigns, Sikoa, Heyman & The Usos stood tall on the ramp to end the broadcast.

Winner & Still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reings (w/ Paul Heyman).