Tommy Fury tipped to 'murder' Jake Paul as comparison made to brother Tyson

Tommy Fury tipped to 'murder' Jake Paul as comparison made to brother Tyson

Updated: 28 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes, 4 seconds ago

A sparring partner of Tommy Fury is very confident he'll get the job done against Jake Paul - and has outlined how he can 'murder' his rival.

The pair are just days away from finally locking horns at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia after their two previously arranged bouts were cancelled.

Both fighters have been put through their paces as they prepare to do battle, and one person who has been helping the former Love Island star is fellow boxer Jimmy Kelly.

Speaking to Casinos En Ligne, the 23-year-old’s training partner, who has an idea of his strengths and weaknesses, explained how Fury can get the better of the former YouTube star. “Tommy has underrated range and reach. He has a massive reach. He has massive shoulders and dead long arms,” Kelly said.

“Tyson is the same and uses it to his advantage and Tommy's doing the same. He'll feint a lot, use his jab and side step. And I think that's going to murder Jake in my opinion. I think Jake will look to slip punches and land an overhand right - but that shot is not going to be there. He's going to be found falling square all the time.

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“The last few times I sparred Tommy you could really see how he uses his range. And I just see Jake struggling with the range. I see Jake looking for that right hand and Tommy moving away from it and eventually when Jake over commits and comes square, I think Tommy jabs, lean backs and the right hand lands when Jake gets over eager and that's the shot that will do him.”

Both fighters are heading into the contest undefeated, with Fury having won all eight of his professional fights so far, four of them coming via knockout. Paul on the other hand, has emerged victorious from his six fights, also winning four by virtue of knockout. For the first time in his career, Kelly believes Fury is going into a bout with a ‘fear factor’.

While making comparisons with Tommy’s elder brother and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, Kelly added: “I remember Tyson Fury used to say when he was younger that he wasn't going train for bums. When he'd face the journeyman types he used to say, I should be able to beat these and that's just the belief he had - that he can beat these fighters any day of the week. It's the same for Tommy.

“When you're coming up and fighting these journeymen you don't have the same fear factor. You're training hard but you don't have that fear factor. There's a difference in the aura of a big fight, when there's a lot at stake and the pressure is on. I think this is the first time in Tommy’s career he has the fear factor.

Will Tommy Fury or Jake Paul emerge victorious? Let us know in the comments section The 2019 Love Island star was compared to his brother Tyson

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“There is so much pressure on him. I think these types of fights make you or they break you and I think it's going to be a fight that is going to make Tommy.” Fury and Paul engaged in an intense press conference on Thursday after both parties sensationally agreed to an all-or-nothing deal ahead of their fight this weekend.

Paul said: "So I think we make a deal then since you're so confident. If you win, I will pay you double what I am paying you already. But if I win then I take everything that I am paying you".

Fury's father John then blurted out that they have a deal, with the two rivals shaking hands which led to them having to be separated. This agreement between both parties has raised the stakes massively.