The Last Of Us episode 7 ending explained

The Last Of Us episode 7 ending explained

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Thanks to last week’s ending, Ellie finds Joel and herself in a very dire spot. The latest installment went in a different direction as it focused on Ellie’s journey before the events of episode 1. We take a look at this The Last Of Us episode 7 ending explained to shed some light on what truly went down.

The Last Of Us episode 7 ending explained

This week’s The Last Of Us episode 7 recap starts inside an abandoned house where Ellie is doing her best to care for Joel after being seriously wounded. She leaves after Joel pleads with her to return to Jackson and find Tommy. Shortly after, she goes on a flashback remembering her time in Boston.

Inside the QZ, she is reprimanded by a FEDRA officer for getting into another fight with her peers. At night time, Ellie is visited by Riley, her best friend and a former student of FEDRA’s military school in Boston who ran away. Riley reveals that during her time away, she joined the Fireflies. Riley then invites Ellie to take a few hours off to go somewhere they haven’t been before.

As the two explore an abandoned building, they find a dead man in one of its hallways. The floor then collapses, taking the corpse down as the two take his bottle of liquor, which they then drink in turns. As they’re doing so, Riley reveals how she joined the Fireflies. But before they can argue if FEDRA is better or not, Riley leads Ellie toward the mall to explore it.

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Once there, Riley turns the power on with Ellie taken aback by a fully functioning mall, something she has never seen before. She then takes Ellie to a carousel and they ride on it, much to their joy. After the carousel malfunctions, Ellie learns that Riley received a low-end assignment, causing her to run away from FEDRA. The two then enter a photo booth to have their image taken before going to the arcade next. The pair play Mortal Kombat, something they both do for the first time. This leads to Riley giving Ellie a joke book called No Pun Intended, the same one she used to make Joel laugh, and then went on to laugh at it for a few minutes. And while the best friends are having the time of their lives, an infected individual is alerted to their presence.

As Riley is reading the book, Ellie discovers several bombs. She learns that Riley was posted there by the Fireflies, causing Ellie to get mad. Riley admits that she’s being sent to Atlanta, further aggravating Ellie and leading her to leave. But even before she could get far, Ellie hears a scream and runs back to her best friend. After learning that it’s just another arcade machine, the pair talk and try to fix their friendship before Riley could leave the following day. This leads them to spend their remaining time dancing together with Ellie kissing Riley after the latter promises not to leave anymore.

Just as they promised to figure out whatever’s happening between them, an infected chases them and bites Ellie’s arm. She discovers that Riley’s hand is also bitten in the process. The scene then shifts back to the present where Ellie finds supplies to help Joel get better.  After a second or so, the focus goes back to Riley and Ellie as they deal with the aftermath of their encounter with an infected inside the mall. The pair cry it out with Riley saying she’ll take whatever time she gets to spend with Ellie. Going back to Joel, Ellie finds a needle and thread. She returns to Joel and sews up his wound as the episode ends.

What just happened? A The Last Of Us episode 7 recap

This The Last Of Us episode 7 breakdown revolves mostly around Ellie’s time before the events of episode 1 and her friendship with Riley. We learn what her life was like before being taken by the Fireflies as a student of FEDRA’s military school. At the same time, the HBO hit series explores the growing affection between the two young girls as they discover the simple joys found inside a mall.

Unfortunately, a lone infected ends whatever form of romance between the two before it can even blossom. This also leads Ellie to discover she’s immune to the infection, setting off the whole plot of the series. And while all of these things are being shown in the past, the present predicament of Joel in his wounded state spurs Ellie to stay and take care of him. It remains to be seen how episode 8 will play out next week and what will happen to the two. Until then, it’s best to stay tuned for the final two chapters of The Last Of Us season 1.