Stu’s Notes: Who Is Patrick Reed?

Stu’s Notes: Who Is Patrick Reed?

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Here’s the story on the Patrick Reed/Rory McIlroy dustup, as I understand it:

McIlroy was at the driving range at some tournament Reed is also playing at, and Reed went up to say hello. McIlroy was practicing and didn’t want to stop to talk to Reed, with whom he’s annoyed because Reed is suing everyone under the sun and Reed tried to take down the PGA and Reed’s lawyer—as part of a different PGA-related lawsuit—subpoenaed McIlroy on Christmas Eve. Reed was upset at being snubbed and flicked a tee at McIlroy. Each was asked a lot of questions about it.

Here’s the story on the Patrick Reed/Rory McIlroy dustup, as I don’t understand it:

Who is Patrick Reed?

The two things I know about Patrick Reed are that he’s a big LIV guy and that he’s also a big lawsuit guy. If I remember correctly, there was a fun day online a few months ago involving Reed and Reed’s wife and a burner account and ridiculous excerpts from a lawsuit Reed and his cohort had filed. That’s the limit of my knowledge, and if you led with all that except for the names and asked me who the golfer was, it’d be tough for me to come up with “Patrick Reed.” Was he also the guy singing Imagine Dragons to himself on the course a few years back? And did he win a major, maybe? Two, perhaps? Was he good for a little bit?

Whoever Patrick Reed is, I love his audacity, and I love the entitlement. Imagine walking up to one of the best in your profession while they’re in the middle of working and trying to pull them aside for a quick hello. Imagine doing that while you’re in a professional fight against them and one of your boys is pestering them with legal documents. Then imagine being so offended by them not talking to you that you throw something from your pocket in their direction. Every day on this beautiful internet, we see a lot of people who live in their own world. We don’t know much about Patrick Reed, but he’s making a case to be the most delusional of them all.

I applaud him for it.

LSU Did Not Commit Securities Fraud

LSU has a little Pac-12 situation going on in that they accidentally paid Brian Kelly an extra million dollars last spring after he more or less changed the bank account on his direct deposit (they double paid him for two months or so). Unfortunately for content, they caught the error and have worked out a reduction in his paychecks for the next year until they’re caught up. Way less fun than hiding it until it becomes a much bigger issue. I expected more out of Baton Rouge.

NIT World: Please Don’t Make the Georgetown Joke

It’s inaccurate to say Georgetown has an NIT chance. Georgetown has a better chance of making the NCA* *********t than the NIT right now, because you only have to win three or four in a row at the right time to make that one. Georgetown will not make the NIT, and frankly, it’s really disrespectful of a lot of people who are working hard when you make that joke. Also? Overused. Yeah, congratulations, they won last night. Stop spreading misinformation beyond that.

You want to speak accurately about NIT potential? Talk about Syracuse continuously shooting itself in the foot right when it’s close to being close, or talk about Ohio State potentially being one of the best teams ever to make the NIT. Use those as your material. Don’t disparage the NIT’s good name.

Dyche to Everton??

Sorry, Burnley section incoming.

Sean Dyche is in the mix at Everton. Reunion with James Tarkowski! Also reunion with Dwight McNeil but the people aren’t high on that one.

Dyche would be great at Everton, for the pure reason that Dyche is great everywhere. He’s a menace. Just because Burnley got ten times better after he left doesn’t change that he’s a menace. Also: Great at not getting relegated. Technically never got relegated, really. That was on poor whatshisname the interim guy who did pretty well. Mark Jackson? I know he was the Warriors coach but I kind of think he was also the Burnley interim, or that two people can be named the same thing.


MIKE Jackson.


Oh also I guess Chris Wood plays for Nottingham Forest now. And also also, doing a little time travel here but I watched some of the League Cup match today and I think Nottingham Forest fans might be the most sillily optimistic in all of England. Need to explore this further. It’s just a hunch right now.


The menu today:

7:00 PM EST: West Virginia @ Texas Tech (ESPNU)

The Game of the NITe, with Texas Tech trying to win its first conference game and West Virginia trying to win its second and a gasp of panic emanating from anyone from the ACC who draws either of these two should both of them play in March.

That’s a thing about the Big 12.

It produces terrifying teams.

7:00 PM EST: Northwestern @ Nebraska (FS2)
7:00 PM EST: Wisconsin @ Maryland (BTN)
7:00 PM EST: Wake Forest @ Pitt (ACCN)

Speaking of the ACC, Pitt hosts Wake tonight and in similarly-vibed games, we’ve got Northwestern playing Game 2 of its six-game set against the Big Ten’s vengefulness and Wisconsin playing Game 2 of its three-game set against the Big Ten screwing over Northwestern’s opponents. Wisconsin got the short end here, but it should help them. They were only a 1-seed in today’s bracketology update.

7:00 PM EST: Samford @ Furman (ESPN+)

The SoCon lead isn’t on the line in the greater Greenville area (I don’t know how close Furman is to Greenville’s city center, but I picture the campus charming and small and green, with a fountain next to a bridge in some central location), but SoCon favoritehood is. Winner is favored to win the title if it’s Samford. If it’s Furman, UNC-Greensboro might slide in. Depends what UNC-Greensboro does against VMI, but I think we all know what UNC-Greensboro’s going to do against VMI.

7:00 PM EST: Dayton @ Rhode Island (CBSSN)
9:00 PM EST: St. John’s @ Creighton (CBSSN)
9:00 PM EST: Tulane @ Wichita State (ESPNU)

Three of our ten NIT contenders are on the road, and we’re ready to punt on two of the three if the result is right. We need some fresh blood on that list.

7:00 PM EST: Houston @ UCF (ESPN+)
7:00 PM EST: George Mason @ VCU (ESPN+)
7:00 PM EST: South Carolina @ Florida (ESPN2)
8:00 PM EST: Illinois State @ Bradley (ESPN+)
9:00 PM EST: Texas A&M @ Auburn (ESPN2)
9:00 PM EST: Mississippi State @ Alabama (SECN)
11:00 PM EST: Utah State @ San Diego State (CBSSN)

Assorted games of NIT interest.

7:00 PM EST: Islanders @ Senators (ESPN+)

They’re making the Sens play hockey again, and you know what we could use? A real Sens-ing. And you know who seems perfect to get Sens-ed? The New York Islanders. The Mets vibes, you know?

3:00 PM EST: Manchester Untied @ Nottingham Forest (ESPN+)

The first leg of what’s sure to be a Wout Weghorst masterclass in being the least visible tall person to ever play the game the Europeans call football. Best of luck to all involved.