Sizzling Samachar : Paul Walker will be recreated using CG for 'Fast X' ; Bella Ramsey hits back at homophobic viewers; Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur will feature on the cover of The Night Manager

Sizzling Samachar : Paul Walker will be recreated using CG for 'Fast X' ; Bella Ramsey hits back at homophobic viewers; Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur will feature on the cover of The Night Manager

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Paul Walker will be recreated using CG for 'Fast X'

Fast X, the latest in the Fast and Furious franchise, will feature Brian, one of the most popular characters in the movie series played by late actor Paul Walker. Despite Walker’s demise following the release of Furious 7, his character Brian has been depicted to be alive, albeit in retirement, in subsequent films. “Brian is very much alive in the world of Fast & Furious, and they’ve teased him a lot in the previous movies. This movie (Fast X) jumps back and forth between the past and the present. You will see Brian in the past, you won’t see Brian in the present. It’s something that everybody has to be on board with. The Walker family is still very much a part of this franchise, you’ll see how in this movie. It just has to be the right moment, the right tone,” revealed director Louis Leterrier in an interview with an entertainment website. Whether the CG manages to recreate the late actor effectively and convincingly is what Paul Walker fans can confirm but it’s surely ambitious to try and attempt such a feat on the big screen.

Bella Ramsey hits back at homophobic viewers of The Last of Us

Bella Ramsey, who plays Elle in the superhit HBO series The Last of Us stood up against the criticism and hate the show has garnered from certain audience cohorts for the inclusion of gay characters in the show. Particularly, the love story between characters Bill and Frank, played by Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett, created much uproar. Ramsey, who identifies as non-binary, and whose character Elle has admitted being a lesbian, said, “I know people will think what they want to think. But they’re gonna have to get used to it. If you don’t want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that’s on you, and you’re missing out. It isn’t gonna make me afraid. I think that comes from a place of defiance.” The show’s sequel will introduce audiences to Dina, who plays Elle’s romantic interest and Ramsey confirmed that the show’s storyline will remain in sync with that of the game.

Morgan Freeman and Laurence Fishburne cast in the remake of The Little Bedroom

The moving French drama La petite chambre or The Little Bedroom is up for an English remake and Hollywood legends Laurence Fishburne and Morgan Freeman have been cast to play the leads, along with Kate Mara. The film revolves around a self-reliant geriatric who is unwillingly placed in a retirement home following an accident. It is here that he develops a unique bond with the nurse who cares for him. The 61-year-old Fishburne has been one busy actor. Apart from this one, the Matrix star will also be seen alongside Keano Reeves in John Wick Chapter 4 which is scheduled to release this year. But those who prefer to see Fishburne in sci-fi thrillers are in luck too. The actor has also been cast to headline The Astronaut where he will share the screen with Emma Roberts. The film revolves around a space mission which doesn’t go as planned and features Emma Roberts as the astronaut who returns to earth only to be haunted by strange occurrences. Fishburne will essay the role of General William Harris, the commander who places the astronaut under surveillance to study the ramifications of her exposure. We’ve got our popcorn ready for this one.

Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur will feature on the cover of The Night Manager

It’s hardly news that publishing is struggling to pull through, especially in this turbulent economy. And while this isn’t the first time a popular paperback is reprinting a new cover based on its big screen adaptation, the Indian remake of The Night Manager has managed to become the first Indian series to grace the cover of its source material. In a recent interview, Gaurav Banerjee, Head - Content, Disney+Hotstar said, “ John Le Carre is the king of espionage. The Night Manager is based on his book and now it is being featured on the book cover. It’s such a strong validation of what we have done with the Indian version and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.” The Night Manager will be available to stream from 17th February 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar and we’re looking forward to this one.

Saif Ali Khan to headline the Hindi version of The Bridge

The superhit Nordic series The Bridge is up for an Indian remake and Saif Ali Khan has been cast to play the lead on the show. Produced by Endemol Shine India and Black Knight Film, the investigative thriller revolves around a dead body which is discovered on the border between two nations, calling for a joint-investigation to get to the bottom of the affair. Saif Ali Khan has already proven that he’s got the chops to play a cop with much conviction, going by his performance in the compelling Sacred Games and we’re sure this is going to be an equally thrilling ride.

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