Robert Abela’s government has lowered the country’s standards – Bernard Grech

Robert Abela’s government has lowered the country’s standards – Bernard Grech

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Albert Galea

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech used his Sunday political address to criticise Prime Minister Robert Abela for “lowering the country’s standards” in every sector.

Speaking at a political event in Tarxien, Grech said that Abela’s government had brought the country to a point where things are happening at such an alarming rate that you can barely worry about a problem before another one crops up.

He referred to the murder of Pelin Kaya – a Turkish woman killed when a driver ran her over on a pavement on Wednesday – saying that this shocking incident had made people forget about another tragic death: that of JeanPaul Sofia, who died in a building which “collapsed like a deck of cards.”

“This is the Labour government: Whoever tries to say that the PN is politicising these tragedies is saying this so we don’t speak about the suffering of the Maltese people,” Grech said.

He said that these deaths are no coincidence.

“This is a government which has lowered the standards in buildings and constructions, in our roads, in our values of life, in our family values, in the value solidarity and in living a quality life, with your mind at rest in serenity,” he said.

Grech added that the government has normalised the use of drugs in Malta by legalising cannabis, noting that even psychiatrists are pointing towards increased mental health issues owing to drug use.

He deflected those who criticise the PN has being “antiquated” by saying that the basis of the PN’s thinking is that the human being is at the centre of its politics.

Grech referred to his speech about proposed reforms to how the Standards Commissioner is appointed, with the government proposing a mechanism to force through the appointment of a candidate when there is no cross-party agreement. 

The PN leader said that Abela wants to lower the standards of Malta’s democracy by removing the possibility of having someone like George Hyzler issue unfavourable reports against members of the government.

Grech also said that Malta has a Prime Minister “who wants to destroy the value of life by introducing abortion in our country”, adding that the only value which the Labour Party believes in is what the surveys tell them to believe.

He said that the party understands that there are some who feel that there is no alternative other than “terminating the life in the womb” which is why there needs to be a discussion on how we can help these mothers, and strengthen pro-life NGOs. 

“We need to be empathetic with these parents and mothers.  They shouldn’t be judged as it is not easy for anyone to contemplate or to do that act. So instead of abortion let us help these women and NGOs, as our politics is based on solidarity and so everyone has the opportunity to face the challenges of life,” Grech said.

“The PN will remain united in this fight and remain the only political force in favour of life,” Grech said.

The PN leader also mentioned how the government has remained static before the increase in cost of living and how it is increasing taxes behind the people’s backs, while also referring to the case being fronted by his predecessor Adrian Delia for the rescinding of the deal which granted Steward Global Health Care three hospitals – a case which is expected to conclude at the end of this month.

Here, he reiterated the PN’s promise of “giving our hospitals back to the people.”

PN MP and shadow cabinet returnee Mario De Marco meanwhile used his address to speak about society’s values, saying that the PN had always put a person’s life before everything else and looked at progress as a vehicle of helping people reach their potential.  Today, progress is being made to the detriment of our humanity and values, he said.

PN Whip Robert Cutajar meanwhile criticised the fact that Parliament’s committee on planning and environment has not met in seven months despite the environmental destruction going on in the country, adding that if need be amendments to the law would be proposed for more meetings to happen.