Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Report | Global Analysis, Statistics & Revenue Research Report by 2028

Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Report | Global Analysis, Statistics & Revenue Research Report by 2028

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Major players in the industry Prime Inc.; Stevens Transport; Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.; C.R. England; Marten Transport Ltd.

DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN, January 23, 2023 / -- Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Value and CAGR

In 2022, the global market for refrigerated transport was valued at USD 107.32 billion and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period.

Refrigerated goods trucking refers to the transportation of perishable goods that must be kept at specific temperatures to preserve their quality and freshness. These items may include food items such as produce, meats, and dairy products, as well as other temperature-sensitive items. Refrigerated goods trucking frequently requires the use of specialized vehicles, such as refrigerated trailers, to maintain the proper temperature of the goods during transport.

Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Growth Drivers and Risks

Several factors can influence the demand for trucking services for refrigerated goods. These factors may include population growth, urbanization, and the rising demand for fresh and perishable goods. In addition, the growth of e-commerce and online grocery shopping has increased the demand for refrigerated goods trucking, as an increasing number of consumers are ordering these products online and requiring home delivery.

There are also a number of factors that can act as constraints on the trucking industry for refrigerated goods. These may include the expense of maintaining specialized vehicles and equipment, regulatory compliance, and the difficulties associated with managing temperature-sensitive shipments. The demand for these services may also be affected by economic downturns and alterations in consumer preferences.

Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Key players

Major players in the industry Prime Inc.; Stevens Transport; Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.; C.R. England; Marten Transport Ltd.

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Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Segmentations

By Vehicle Type
• Light Commercial Vehicle
• Medium Heavy Commercial Vehicles
• Heavy Commercial Vehicles

By Temperature
• Single Temperature
• Multi-Temperature

By Application
• Poultry
• Meat
• Seafood
• Dairy and Beverages
• Bakery and Confectionery
• Pharmaceutical
• Other Food Product
• Others

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Table of content
1. Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Executive Summary

2. Introduction
2.1. Segmentation By Geography
2.2. Segmentation By Vehicle Type
2.3. Segmentation By Temperature
2.4. Segmentation By Application

3. Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Characteristics
3.1. Market Definition
3.2. Market Segmentation By Vehicle Type
3.2.1. Light Commercial Vehicle
3.2.2. Medium Commercial Vehicles
3.2.3. Heavy Commercial Vehicles
3.3. Market Segmentation By Temperature
3.3.1. Single Temperature
3.3.2. Multi-Temperature
3.4. Market Segmentation By Application
3.4.1. Other Food Products
3.4.2. Poultry, Meat, and Seafood
3.4.3. Dairy and Beverages
3.4.4. Bakery And Confectionery
3.4.5. Pharmaceutical
3.4.6. Others

4. Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market Trends And Strategies
4.1. Growth Of Connected Trucking
4.2. Increasing Investments In Technological Innovations
4.3. Use Of Robots
4.4. Collision Mitigation Systems To Prevent Loss Of Lives
4.5. Demand-Driven Pricing
4.6. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Refrigerated Goods Trucking

5. COVID-19 Impact On Refrigerated Goods Trucking Market
5.1. Increase In Cold Chain Warehousing Capacity
5.2. Increase In Prices Of Refrigerated Food
5.3. Decrease In Demand
5.4. Future Outlook


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