Rating: despite not having a gala, because Big Brother scratched 20 points

Rating: despite not having a gala, because Big Brother scratched 20 points

Updated: 7 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes, 38 seconds ago

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Sunday Maxi was gonein an elimination tied with Ariel. Monday was interview night with the Cordovan in the studio and live transmission of Alfa’s acting making the teammates believe he was leaving the game (challenge proposed by the production). Its tuesday? The usual debate was coming, no big surprises, but Big Brother has come up with something to seduce the public.

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Alfa’s birthday had been celebrated during the day, with paella and wine included, e.g the first part of the test was done to choose the leaders of the week. So it was decided that the definition of the challenge would be live during the debate: what was imagined would be solved in a few minutes it lasted more than an hour. And, on television, it was boring.

Because the two finalist couples (Alfa and Nacho on one side and Romina and Marcos on the other) had to hold each other with one hand. a row of rubber discs, pressed together so that the row of wheels does not come off. Minutes passed, and the broadcast was not surprising – no one dropped it. Y above Alpha has not stopped talking.

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But that annoying vagueness, curiously, kept the minute-by-minute measurement above 20 points. Rarity that TV offers. In the studio, Santiago del Moro I didn’t know what to talk about, because that image of two couples doing nothing referred to a stale TV. Yet it worked in terms of ratings, because Big Brother averaged 19.9 points and was by far the most watched on Tuesday.

Second place went to a reality satellite cycle: Pluto TV, let’s spy on the housewith 11.8 and, the third, for TV newswith 10.6.

all the Top five It was for Telefe, given that in fourth place was the evening edition of We spy on the housewith 10.1, and in the fifth it was The news of the peoplewith 9.9.

The most watched of the other channels

The podium at El Trece consisted of The 8 steps of the two millionwith 6.1 points, ahead of telenoche (with 4.9) and noon newswith 4.8.

In Elnueve, above was blessedwith 3.3, followed by TV 9 at noon (with 3 round dots) e Tele 9 Centralwith 1.7.

In America, what stung was THEYwith the interview with Maxi Giudici, fresh from Big Brother, which gave him an average of 2.5 points. Then they positioned themselves American news Y in the afternoonwith 1.9 and 1.7 respectively.

village festivalwith 1.2, it was the most watched on public television, followed by Argentine chefs and cooks (0.8) and the second number of village festivalwith 0.6.

On NET TV, the two broadcasts of television editing at the top of the ranking, with 0.4 and 0.3, accompanied by The value of your jewels, with 0.3. On the Bravo signal side, the cans were shared by the channel’s low audience: distill love (0.3), nurses (0.2) and The heirs of the mountain (0.2).

A) Yes, the general classification of the channels is clearly led by Telefe, with 11.5 pointsfollowed by El Trece with 4.1 and Elnueve, with 1.8.

Fourth place went to América with 1.6, ahead of Televisión Pública (with 0.6), NET TV with 0.2 and Bravo, which finished the rankings with a scant 0.1.