Piqué's reason for not congratulating Messi after winning the World Cup

Piqué's reason for not congratulating Messi after winning the World Cup

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To few days of the stop of the activity to level of clubs of face to the start of the Glass of the World, Gerard Hammered surprised to the world of the football when announcing that it would put end to his professional career. Later, it would focus more in the business projects that carries out, as in the case of the Kings League, and would see wrapped in a series of controversies in the personal field by the split of his relation with the singer Shakira.

In a recent interview, the ancient defender of the FC Barcelona has offered some details on the occurred in the last months to the tiktoker John Nellis. In her it was consulted on if it had called to his ex mate Lionel Messi to congratulate him by the conquest of his first Glass of the World and the third for Argentina after the final of Qatar 2022. The player has admitted to not to have it done: "No really".

The reason roots in a process of "total" disconnection of the football after having abandoned the professional practice of the sport: "This is a madness, but the truth is that I was totally desconectado of the Glass of the World since I withdrew me. I did not see any party, only the final and no all the party. Attempt desconectarme. I went me on holiday some days. My last months were hard like professional and really needed desconectarme of the football".

Praises for Messi

In the interview, the exjugador also was consulted on the debate between Messi and Cristiano, decanting by the Argentinian that today is a member of the PSG: "it Is true that the fight between them two in this last decade was quite impressive, because both did it incredibly well. I think that in terms of talent, is that Messi is the number one, sure. It is true that Cristiano worked very hard to try compete and litigate by this first place, but want to say if you see the careers of both would say that if you want to compare, hate to compare, but is true that all the world speaks of this. In the last years would choose to Messi with security. And it showed that even, if it is 35 years old it can compete. It is the best player of the world and showed it in the Glass of the World".

Of equal way was consulted on who have been his best mates by position, standing out, in addition to Leo like attacker, to varied of the players of the Barça or the Spanish selection with those who shared changing room: "Iker Boxes, Carles Puyol and Cesc Fàbregas. Like forward and by some reasons would say that Messi. He is the best of the world in this moment and think that is the best of the history in this game between which won the Glass of the World. It was his dream. Puyol, Fàbregas, Messi… is quite strong".