Pastor Adefarasin Comments On Coming Election, Claims To ‘Stand By What God Told Him’

Pastor Adefarasin Comments On Coming Election, Claims To ‘Stand By What God Told Him’

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Foremost Nigerian preacher, Paul Adefarasin, the senior pastor and founder of the House on the Rock, on Tuesday said he stood by what God told him on the parable of ‘Saul and David’ in Nigeria’s presidential election.

Adefarasin had during a sermon at the weekend, while speaking on the forthcoming presidential election, in his church, gave a parable of Saul and David in the Bible and how that Saul came first before David.

Several pundits have opined that Adefarasin’s parable to mean that he is supporting the APC’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to win the election.

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They tore him apart and called him unprintable names.

But the popular cleric who did not come out openly to endorse any presidential candidate in series of tweets on Tuesday said he stood by what God told him.

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He had this to say,

Friends, you have kept me busy with your tweets, posts, and comments. Though many are harsh, I appreciate your feedback and I still want to take a minute to share my stance with you again, in the hope that you may gain a clearer understanding.

As with all of you, I identify as a Nigerian and a patriot, so undoubtedly, I share in your pain. Living in Nigeria, I share the desire for a working country and that is why we all consider this election critical in our collective quest for a New Nigeria

According to Adefarasin,

I really believe that it will happen, and I wish that you could see what I see – the hope that the parable of Saul and David brings – the after-victory. I understand that there are varying interpretations of the parable of Saul & David, and that is fine.

However, remember that the giver of the parable is the One that can give meaning to it. God gave me that parable and even as I released it, I have continued to search for it’s applicable meaning to the present Nigerian circumstances.

I feel blessed to have your ear, however, I will ask that you listen deeply for understanding, so that you do not miss the message.

He went further to say,

Saul, instead of trusting in God, tried to manipulate things and even discountenanced his mentor, Samuel. David on the other hand stumbled, but never stuttered, he was delayed but not too late.

So, whether Saul represents our past or our present, only God knows. Whether David represents the future or now, I can’t tell. In any case, the ‘wise’ will wait for the election period to play itself out, before concluding or judging the messenger.

Adefarasin added:

Finally, kindly remember that I shepherd people of all parties, and if that parable was taken in offense, my intention was not to offend you.

However, I stand by what I heard God say to me: that Saul came before David. This means that even if this election does not go the way that you want it to go, don’t be disappointed.

Every election will produce some disappointment for the camps of the candidates who lose. God’s will shall still come to pass in Nigeria. It will happen and His ‘David’ will rise to the role. We will get there. Remember, we are all in this together.

If you have your PVC, it is a token of your faith in a New Nigeria. Go out and vote as your convictions lead you, and watch God Almighty do what only He can do.