Newcastle United and alcohol have cost me two marriages, a proverbial fortune and a lot of time in chokey

Newcastle United and alcohol have cost me two marriages, a proverbial fortune and a lot of time in chokey

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OpinionNewcastle United and alcohol have cost me two marriages, a proverbial fortune and a lot of time in chokey

Ahead of the Carabao Cup Final we have been asking some of our regular / irregular contributors a few questions.

Newcastle United v Manchester United kicking off at 4.30pm on Sunday.

We all know how long it was since the last silverware and very aware that most of us weren’t around when that last trophy was lifted in 1969, or at least not (in most cases) of an age to properly appreciate it.

We have left it late but have asked some key questions of these contributors to The Mag as the build up to the Carabao Cup Final gathers pace.

Next up is Tony Mallabar:

What is your plan this weekend?

Well, as I have said on many pervious threads, I am in the privileged position that I have the time and money to go to every game home and away, so you would have thought I would have this sorted ages ago…

Hell no.

Phil T, who I go with, has missed one game in the last 37 years as his daughter managed to arrange her wedding for a day when we were playing and overbearingly had to be walked down the aisle.

However, he didn’t want to put the hex on us till we got through against Southampton, so we’re on the 10.27am train on Sunday, coming back Monday night, all due to limited availability because we booked up late.

What this final means to you and how important a win would be?

I’ve been following us since September 1978 when me dad first took me, lost count of the number of games I go to, but every match I gan to, I always think we will win, with three exceptions.

Wembley 98 and 99, plus Man City away last season when we lost 5-0.

On a personal note, what would it mean to me?

Well, Newcastle United and alcohol have cost me two marriages, a proverbial fortune and a lot of time in chokey…

Do I regret it (apart from the pain I’ve caused my parents)? Hell no.

Also apologies to Bev and Jude for being an a…hole of a husband. Or that should be, ex-husband.

If all of the squad had been available (including Pope, Gordon, Krafth, Dubravka) who would have been your first five names on the teamsheet, in order from first choice to fifth choice in terms of importance?


Once you see a Paul Gascoigne leave, I don’t really care who pulls on the famous black and white shirt.

Whoever it is will always get my support, in NGE (Nice Guy Eddie) we trust.

A massive full-on game for Man U against Barcelona that ended only around 66 hours before this Wembley final, how much of a boost, if any, is this to Newcastle United?

Thing is with Man Utd, whoever turns out for them will be a quality player, but f… them, we have good players now.

Although I wish wor Mandy had persuaded Chris Wood to go to Man Utd in a swap with Rashford, instead of going to Forest.

Out of the entire Man Utd squad (players who will be available or not), who would/will you be most happy to see not starting on Sunday, in order from first most important to fifth most important?

See above re Rashford.

What your NUFC starting eleven would be against Man U (Assuming everybody available apart from Pope, Gordon, Krafth, Dubravka)?

Well Bruno will be back for Sunday and as much as I love Maxi, NGE will go back to his tried and tested formation, with either Isak or wor Callum up top.

What impact, if any, do you think Sunday’s result will have on the rest of this Newcastle United season in the Premier League?

After we win on Sunday, I can see us going on to win the league.

If you don’t believe, me ask GToon.

Who will you be thinking of (family member, friend), who is no longer with us, if/when Newcastle United lift the trophy on Sunday? 

Well after Ron’s article the other day this one got me thinking to all the lads I’ve known, who would have been there on Sunday but are no longer with us.

Kaney, big Tony, John Forster and Simmo – who was murdered 22 years ago, gone but definitely not forgotten.

How would you rate Newcastle United’s chances of winning the Carabao Cup?

2-0 with wor Callum getting the second

Are you finding it difficult to stop your brain leaping forward in time, wondering just how mad the days and weeks are going to be as a Newcastle United fan if at last we win a trophy?

Two words answer this, sleep pattern.

Since we beat Southampton I haven’t had a decent night’s kip, have been going to the gym at 4am in the morning instead.