MultipleVersus updates Lunar New Year changes

MultipleVersus updates Lunar New Year changes

Updated: 2 months, 3 days, 9 hours, 29 minutes, 48 seconds ago

The new year is making a lot of new updates for MultiVersus. There’s a big change of mind, and some of the more requested features are coming soon. This is all multiVersus updates from January and new developments in the game.

The Multivertical Update for New Years is coming soon.

Since then, MultiVersus has an update date, so far, most of the most senior fighting games can be shameless. There are new characters with more than one-dimensional character in this game. It can be hard to keep on top of all of the MultiVersus updates in January or other months. The game is more enjoyable than most high fighting games.

Our most recent multiVersus update was the year of the Rabbit. It was the first time this was back to the game after Christmas break. These are all changes from the update. Starting January 18th, one double Battle Pass XP event takes place.

New map added Treefort Platform.

This is a new map to have in this update. It’s set up around a treefort house where Jake and Finn live in adventure time. The map is intended for 4 players. There are various platform types for more varied play. Ground space is relatively scarce though, so it’s a dangerous design with many benefits to get vertical.

There’s also a 2-v-2 single platform. This MultiVersus upgrade will make the treefort available in four play queues.

A new look of Scoobys in January with multi-language updates.

A little part of Scoobys Mansion has been redesigned. This is a nice change for the map and makes it look as polished as most players.

Lunar New Year’s MultiVersus Update.

This is a big part of this new addition to MultiVersus. We’re hosting a lunar New Year event! This is MultiVersus newest in-game event that offers free cosmetics and rewards for playing MultiVersus from 2023.

Players can join the club every day to get rewards. After a long-term trip into the game, you’ll get all your possible Lunar New Year login rewards. The new year’s skin, a banner, ringouts and a profile icon can also be found on this website.

Shop for Year of Rabbit.

The shop had some fun new items with this MultiVersus update. These are the new items which are being presented now.

Rare Profile Icons, Lucky Rabbit, Lunar New Year, 23rd of the rare World of Warcraft. All the Lunar New Year 23 costs 3000 Gold. Longevity 23 Banner Epic, Costs 350 Gleamium. Lunar Rabbit-Yeah, Pumahnatum. Red Guardian Rare Reindog Skins cost 800 Gleamium.

Gameplay Changing for Multiversus updates.

It’s the biggest updated on March, but there are also some minor changes. The shifts to fighters can be as huge as new events. If your main has had a major change, the places where they stand in the MultiVersus Meta may have changed.

These are all the game changes in the latest multiversus update that you will need to watch out for.

All Characters

The fault of Armor with multiple weapons is fixed. In addition to these thresholds, Knockback Damage multiplier was increased to the highest value. 115+ Damage Multiplier up to 1.075 from 1.05. All of its more 250 damages multipliers increased from 1.1 to 1.125. 175+ Damage Multiplier increased from 1,2 to 1,25. These changes aim to make knockouts to damaged players more effective. The shock effect demonition won’t kill the damage in knockback anymore.


Bug Fixes It changed air travel schedules to fix a bug. Air-neutral attack Two frames of whiff lag were added to Needle Strike. The hitbox isn’t affected as much as the outside area. Ground Side Attack Laboratory has increased over the first week of exercise by four frames. Upward Slash has 4 frames of whiff lag added to Ground Up Attack.



Bug Fixes The extra speed of the ship in time for flight. The number of hawaiian missiles that were made up of the air shattered by air wars was seven. The ground neutrator attack introduced 5 frames of start-up and 4 frames of end lag. Grounds Side Attack First two jumps can be reduced. Down Ground Attack You can double the combined attacks to other attacks now. I like Batman MultiVersus combos.

Black Adam

Army-sponsored combat combat by Arc Lightning Hitbox shrunken by 25%. Ground Neutral Special Lightning Surge is faster. Superbatic Light Surge Low width reduced, all damage lost on throw removed and shocks lower to 1 stack. Ground Up Attack at Call the Heavens has dropped on Call the Heavens lightning bolt now 19 seconds, 14 frames of recovery added on whiff and hitbox shrunk on Call the Heavens. A number of bugs in the updated January Updates will work well for this character.


In this MultiVersus update, weight has risen to 51 of 55. Air Down Attack Active frames on ground Chop shifted by two frames and hitbox aligned with sword animation. Ground Up Attack Jump and dodge cancel at the start of the attack have been delayed 5 frames. Ground Down Attack Finns hand hitbox removed.


Electric Groove Signs has the new chance to get rhythmic. Air Up Special Vacuum Knockbacks improved. Ground Up Special Elect Zone explosion now applies stacks of Shocked. Attrition Shockwave delivers faster Z-Axis in this MultiVersus update. Bug Fixes


Air/Ground Side Special 8. An array of light points added during a swarm of whiff lag. Air/Ground Down Special Whack-In-A-Box cooling cooled to 18 second. Life’s range decreased to 12 seconds. Air Down Attack 21 frames of crate added. High Attack Hitboxes on the right foot fixed. New ground agress Weapon hammer-cancel infinite-infinite attacks – zero worm. The Ground Up Attack Slider opens six frames earlier than the new combo. Ground Down Attack 3 mpi of whiff lag added. Bug fixes

Iron Giant

Bug Fixes


Ground Up Attack 5, which you should make so that you can dodge Call, it and 2 ways of re-anchoring of those Axed For, they have added additional 4 frames of whiff lag.


Air-side Special 16 frames of whiff lag add to the landing. Air Ground/Down Special Number of bounces before the ball is destroyed reduced to 4 from 5 to 5. The swagwag lag has remained unchanged at the end of the air attack.


Wonder Womans perk can no longer destroy Spaceship. Bug Fixes


The air/round atomic-spydal Grenades are not detonated anymore by light projectiles. Ammo reduced to 2 from 3 points. Air Force Call It To Keep An Up Your Front-Up Attack You can cancel this earlier. Air Attack 1 frame of calf lag and end lag added downward spike angle. This MultiVersus version has a smaller hitbox. The Ground Down Attack Hitbox increased. Reindog Special Knockback increased from ground-side to ground-side. The first air attack is more accurate on the third hit.


Ground Side Attack The velocity of rocket Jab 3 is now based on charge time. Ground Down Attack Fart bomb is now destroyed if youre knocked back before it’s activated. Bug fixes


Bug fixes


Weight lowered, from 93 to 88. Wavedash is decreasing to 700 in the most recent January MultiVersus patch. Air/Ground Neutral Ice Breath knockbacks turnup wind boxes off. Bug Fixes


Air/Ground Up Special Projectile trait was removed from Dogpile. Ground Up Attack has two more active frames. Tom and Jerry were both at the store. 3 small-up-scales have been added to Rocket Mouse. Bug Fixes


Bug fixes Wonder Woman General Shield of Athena Perk doesn’t destroy Marvins spaceship anymore. Bug Fixes

All that important changes with this MultiVersus update. It’s our only one in January so far. Even though we can expect more now that developers are back on the game!

If a recent MultiVersus leaks can happen, then the next few updates might have more events, cool skins, and maybe even new characters.