Mom Slams 'Judgy Women' Who Criticized Her For Hiring Strippers For Her Teen Daughter's Birthday Party

Mom Slams 'Judgy Women' Who Criticized Her For Hiring Strippers For Her Teen Daughter's Birthday Party

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There are key milestones where birthdays call for a celebration at a heightened level — ages like 18 and 21 — however, most people wouldn’t expect that level to reach the heights that Carla Belucci was trying to reach.

Belucci previously earned the title Britain’s “most hated woman” after being accused of scamming the National Health Service in order to get free plastic surgery.

The mom believed that her daughter, Tanisha, deserved the best 18th birthday bash ever, and paid an exorbitant amount of money in order to make that possible.

Carla Belucci hired strippers for her daughter Tanisha’s £10,000 18th birthday party.

For Tanisha’s 18th birthday party, Carla plans to hire strippers and serve pricey bottles of Dom Perignon champagne — spending upwards of 10,000 British pounds in order to do so.

Carla, who lives near Hitchin, England with her fiance Gio and her three youngest children, Tanisha, 17, Jayden, 15, and 12-month-old Blue, spoke with The Sun about why she was planning on spending so much and doing what most parents would deem inappropriate.

“My eldest daughter Tanisha will be turning 18 on February 3rd and I am going to make sure it will be a day for not only her but the whole village to remember,” she writes for the news outlet.

She claims that spending £5 on some prosecco for Tanisha to try as her first drink would be “sad,” so she opts for a price point 40 times more expensive than that with a £200 Dom Perignon.

“She’s going to see Magic Mike Live the week before she turns 18 so I thought, ‘why not continue the theme?’” she explained, “so I have booked three strippers to wait on her and her friends, hand and foot.”

Carla understands that although some of the parents might be horrified at the prospects that Carla is proposing, she claims it doesn’t matter — Tanisha is an adult.

She doesn’t care what other “judgy women” have to say about the lengths she will go to in order for her daughter to have a good time.

“There will be plenty of mums who won’t want their kids coming anywhere near Tanisha’s birthday party, but I am sure they will find a way to sneak along,” she claims, although she admits that the underage teens will not be drinking and that the strippers will be modest.

They will also be celebrating part of her birthday in Paris, where she expects they will be spending a lot of money.

After spending money in Paris, Carla claims Tanisha will make the money back on OnlyFans.

“Now that she’s turning 18 I know that Tanisha will be keen to set up her own OnlyFans account and rather than turn a blind eye I want to be as involved as possible,” she writes.

Carla wants to be the manager of her daughter’s OnlyFans account and will be asking for a cut of the profits that she would make.

“I obviously have experience in that industry and so I can make sure she is safe and not exploited,” she explains.

Although it seems like most parents would find this controversial, Carla claims that she would rather be involved in her daughter’s life in this intimate way instead of having things happen behind the scenes.

“Tanisha and I have a very trusting relationship and any issues she will share with me,” she writes. “We’re a dream team and together we’ll make a killing.”

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