Mayweather vs Chalmers RESULT: Rejoice in the Toon as Aaron goes the distance with Floyd

Mayweather vs Chalmers RESULT: Rejoice in the Toon as Aaron goes the distance with Floyd

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It's a massive weekend for sports fans across the North East, with a number of events taking place relating to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Many Geordies will be no doubt lapping up all London has to offer, with their beloved Newcastle United participating in their first cup final since 1999 on Sunday - facing Manchester United in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley.

But before that, former Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers had plans of propelling his boxing career further this evening - going head to head with Floyd Mayweather Jr at London's O2 Arena in an exhibition boxing match.

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Chalmers found his way to the fight as a last minute replacement for Muay Thai specialist Liam Harrison, who had to subsequently pull out of his scheduled bout with 'Money' Mayweather due to an injury. Always one to lap up an opportunity, Chalmers jumped at the chance to fight arguably the greatest boxer of all time - putting his 5-2 MMA record to work, as well as his sole boxing win.

And while Chalmers came into the fight this Saturday (25 February) as a heavy underdog, the 35-year-old from Newcastle shocked viewers around the world by going eight rounds with arguably one of the greatest boxers to ever walk the earth.

Here's how the fight played out round-by-round.

Round 1:

Mayweather caught Chalmers with a couple of flush left hooks early on, as the former G-Shore star fought on the outside. Chalmers remained undeterred though, persevering with his jab and brilliant head movement.

He managed to back Floyd up against the ropes as the bell rang out, signalling the end of the round.

Round 2:

Floyd allowed his jab to find range, before landing a couple of well-placed body shots. Chalmers fired back, but his blows were a little too wild to connect.

Mayweather backed Chalmers up, but the 35-year-old soon sprang back to the centre. Floyd caught Aaron with a straight right at the end of the round, before the bell rang out.

He may be 46, but Mayweather still had a spring in his step.

Round 3:

Aaron took the centre of the ring as Mayweather circled him. Chalmers' output was fantastic during the round, but not good enough to catch Floyd with anything clean.

Chalmers got clocked with a left hook mid-way through the round, as his guard dropped - but it came as more of a stinger than a power shot. He smiled and shrugged it off.

Aaron continued to chase down Mayweather for the rest of the round, but his opponent's bobbing and weaving on the ropes proved too much. Aaron had words for Floyd after the bell, complaining about a late blow.

Round 4:

Aaron kept his guard high and tight, as Mayweather patiently waited for it to drop. It did and he received a snappy jab for the error.

The two clinched briefly, before Mayweather swung big and missed. Chalmers piled on the pressure with a number of combinations, but just couldn't find a home for them. Floyd then started waving his arms out at Chalmers and taunting him, before landing a big body shot.

At the end of the round, Aaron backed Floyd into a corner and landed a couple of shots of his own.

Round 5:

Floyd snapped Aaron's head back with a number of lightning quick jabs, but Chalmers pressed on. Floyd then landed an uppercut as Chalmers ducked low, but brushed it off.

Aaron swung and missed, prompting Floyd to showboat with a spin and a dance. Both men smiled and acknowledged each other - with neither showing any signs of fatigue ten minutes in.

Round 6:

Aaron backed Floyd into a corner early doors, but Mayweather didn't feel threatened by the move - chatting with Chalmers' corner instead of focusing on his opponent.

The two went hell for leather as the clackers sounded for the last ten of the round - with Floyd unusually throwing wild and missing wild.

Round 7:

Both men met in the middle, with Aaron slowly but surely taking the centre. He started letting his hands go and was rewarded for his endeavours.

Floyd pushed on and the fighters locked briefly, before Mayweather went back to working the jab. Chalmers was clocked by a straight right with 30 seconds or so left, but shrugged it off once more.

More showboating from 'Money' ensued as the eighth and final round approached.

Round 8:

Both men sported a cheesy grin, as they touched gloves in the centre for the eighth. It seemed to be the same story for Floyd who kept on working his patented jab, but Aaron caught him flush to the face with a straight or two soon after.

Mayweather replied by stinging Chalmers with a right hand of his own with a minute to go, but it wasn't enough to rock his opponent.

He kept popping the jab, but failed to connect as Chalmers shook his head, before piling on some pressure of his own.

Aaron threw a tidy three-piece combination as the bell sounded, before raising his hands in elation - no doubt a victory for the Geordie who just went toe to toe with one of the greatest of all time for the duration!

After the fight, Aaron reflected on the major personal victory , saying: ""He caught me clean in the second round on the chin and it did wake me up a lot. So aye, the right hand was glued to my chin after that but he's f****** unbelievable. That's one to tell the grandkids."

On preparing for the fight, he added: "You can't. We just got as many sparring partners in - different sizes, different space - but you can't get anyone in to do what Floyd does. So it was just work hard, be as fit as I possibly can and be as tough as I could. My main win for me was to get to the eight round, and that's what I done."

And Mayweather was seemingly impressed by Aaron and his work on the night itself, adding: “This guy is tough as nails, I came over to the UK to entertain the people. We had fun for eight rounds and I’m glad that I came.

"What he has to do is work hard and believe in his skills, because he’s got a good chin and he’s a tough competitor. I want to thank all the fans in the UK, it’s unbelievable. It’s up to the fans, if the fans want me to come back then I will come back."

What did you make of the fight? Let us know in the comments!

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