Listen to the stories of southern Alberta through our series, Talk of the Town

Listen to the stories of southern Alberta through our series, Talk of the Town

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CBC Calgary's morning radio program, the Calgary Eyeopener, has launched a new, weekly series called Talk of the Town.

It's looking at the stories of southern Alberta, outside of Calgary, offering a dedicated focus on what's happening in smaller communities.

And we want to hear your ideas, too.

You can email the Calgary Eyeopener team at to let them know what's percolating in your city, town, village or hamlet. Or, just let us know what you think of what you've heard so far.

Listen to the segment live every Friday between 6:35 and 6:45 a.m. on 99.1 FM with hosts Loren McGinnis and Angela Knight.

Or, if you miss an interview, you can find it below. 

Pincher Creek: The end of a local paper

Calgary Eyeopener


Talk of the Town - Pincher Creek

A dozen Alberta newspapers are ending their print run this week. We look back at the long history of the Pincher Creek Echo.

Twelve community newspapers in Alberta ended their print editions on Feb. 27. The Postmedia-owned outlets are now publishing their stories only online.

One of those papers is the Pincher Creek Echo, which has been published weekly since 1900.

Farley Wuth is the curator of the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village in Pincher Creek and has thumbed through countless editions of the paper. He explained a bit about its history.

A sign reads: "Pincher Creek Welcomes You." Mountains can be seen in the background.The Pincher Creek sign, photographed on June 2021, welcomes visitors to the town in southern Alberta. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

Coleman: Bringing new life to an old theatre

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Talk of the Town - Coleman

Why people in Crowsnest Pass want to bring an old theatre back to life.

Efforts are underway to transform an old theatre in Coleman, Alta., into an arts destination for the area.

Howard Vandenhoef is with the Crowsnest Cando Society, which owns the Roxy Theatre and is behind the push to restore it.

He described the theatre's history and his vision for its future.

A vintage photo of the Roxy Theatre.The Crowsnest Cando Society bought the Roxy Theatre through fundraising efforts. Now it plans to start construction and revive the theatre. (Crowsnest Cando Society)

Drumheller: Flood mitigation project requires some to leave homes

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Talk of the Town: Drumheller

The latest on a massive flood mitigation project happening in and around Drumheller.

A massive flood mitigation project is going on in Drumheller, and soon, it's heading into a new phase.

A public information session was held Feb. 9 to give folks a sense of what's coming. 

Darryl Drohomerski is the chief administrative officer with the Town of Drumheller. He explained why the mitigation work is necessary.

Water flows under a green bridge.In April 2018, the Town of Drumheller was in a state of emergency. High stream flows in the Red Deer River and its tributary, the Rosebud River, forced some people to leave their homes. (CBC)

Torrington: Beloved museum in need of repairs

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Talk of the Town - Torrington

We kick off a new segment called Talk of the Town. We're taking you to Torrington!

The hamlet of Torrington, in central Alberta, is known for its World Famous Gopher Hole Museum.

But the site has seen better days. The two buildings housing the dozens of displays of taxidermy gophers are in need of significant repairs.

Museum director Laural Kurta told us what's needed to get the museum back to its former glory.

A gopher dressed as a fisherman is depicted as hooking a fish in a quiet pond in a diorama.References to gophers can be found all over Torrington, a hamlet about 160 kilometres northeast of Calgary. (McKinna Elliott)