John Poulos is in the extraditable pavilion of La Picota: it is his private cell

John Poulos is in the extraditable pavilion of La Picota: it is his private cell

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The American John Poulos was transferred to La Picota prison in Bogotá with an insurance measure, considering that he represents a risk for society and that there is a risk of escape.

Next week marks the month of the horrific discovery of the DJ’s body Valentina Trespalaciosthe 21-year-old girl was found in a blue suitcase inside a trash can in the town of Fontibón, in the west of the capital, on January 22.

In the image, Laura Hidalgo, the mother of the murdered young DJ, Valentina Trespalacios. GlobeLiveMedia Colombia-Jesús Áviles

The humorous Youtube program was repudiated in the networks to make fun of the crime of DJ Valentina Trespalacios

The Fuck News comedians are going viral again, not for their jokes, but to gain notoriety again for making sarcastic comments about the artist’s femicide

As the main responsible for the homicide of the Colombian DJ, it is specified who was his sentimental partner, the North American John Pouloswhich was transferred to La Picota prison in Bogotá with a measure of insurance to be considered a risk to society and that there is a risk of absconding, in addition to establishing their responsibility in the crimes of aggravated femicide competing with the concealment, alteration and destruction of evidence to deflect or delay the investigation.

The sentence the foreigner would face could be up to 50 years in prison, while his judicial future is defined, Poulos remains in a cell in La Picota in the extraditable pavilion, it has been precisely revealed that the person responsible for the murder by Valentina Trespalacios found in private cell that has a bathroom and even a small closet.

A community found a human head in garbage bags in Bogotá. @PinedaRuizBog. Twitter

They found a human head in a garbage bag south of Bogotá

Residents of the town of San Cristóbal contacted district authorities after generating the macabre discovery

The North American not only has privacy in his cell, but also when he eats and sunbathes he does so in absolute solitude, authorities say measures would be taken to ensure the integrity of John Poulos within the prison.

From Change magazine revealed the photos of Poulos’ cell, which includes a concrete bed, a small closet and a private bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower.

Images from Cambio media.Images from Cambio media.Images from Cambio media.Images from Cambio media.

In the development of the investigation that ended up leaving the American detained in La Picota prison while his legal process progresses, it was established that there was a third person in this relationship, it is about santiago moon who would be a medical cannabis entrepreneur.

Rodrigo Londoño, the last FARC commander, in a file photo. EFE/Carlos Ortega

The Uribe government received help from outlaw groups to fight the guerrillas, assured ex-Farc commander Rodrigo Londoño

Known as Tymoshenko, now the political leader of Comunes, stressed during the commemoration of the two decades of the attack on the El Nogal club that no violent action is justified and called the attack of a “senseless act”.

The progress of the investigation has enabled us to find several messages from Valentina Trespalacios, including messages from Luna who apparently I didn’t know the 21-year-old DJ was going to live with who would end up being her killer.

It seems Luna suspected Valentina When Poulos arrived in Colombia, this is how he made her understand while the young DJ told him that she was spending time with her friends. “I asked her ‘who are you with?’, it seemed very strange to me that she had gone to dinner with friends, as she had told me, and that she had not shown them as habit. She replied that I could go out with friends and she could notSantiago told authorities.

The messages indicate that Valentina had told Luna that she was going to live but alone though she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a friend staying on as a roommate.

Contradictions in versions and Santiago’s distrust complicated matters of coexistence between the two, even when Trespalacios wanted to show the apartment to her Colombian boyfriend.

“I write to him: “I want to see now, then finally with whom you will live”. There, he writes to me ‘with my cat, that’s why I want another cat’. There I told her that I thought with more people, and she answered me: “no baby, although suddenly Silvana comes to live in Bogotá for a few months and stays with me”.

Luna told authorities that on Saturday, January 21, Valentina sent her a message at 7:42 a.m. that read, “hello baby have a nice day”. According to Santiago, since he was angry with Trespalacios he did not respond to the message, although when he heard the news of the young woman’s death he did not hesitate to write what would be his last message, “Tell me it’s not true”.