Jake Paul and Tommy Fury almost come to blows during fiery press conference after making ‘all or nothing’ bet as Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson watch on

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury almost come to blows during fiery press conference after making ‘all or nothing’ bet as Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson watch on

Updated: 24 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes, 49 seconds ago

It all kicked off at the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference, with both men having to be separated on stage.

The press conference in Saudi Arabia began relatively calmly with the pair putting their case forward for why they think they will win on Sunday night.


4 Paul and Fury had to be separated after shaking hands on an ‘all or nothing’ bet

This did not last long, however, as it gradually began heating up with Fury telling Paul to look him in the eyes, adding: “You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds.

“I’m not an old man, I’m a fresh young fighter, you should have stuck to making easy money fighting old men and celebrities because I’m coming to take your head off.”

Paul then responded: “I think we make a deal then since you’re so confident.

“If you win I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already, but if I win I take everything that I’m paying you, deal or no deal?”

Paul then stood up to approach Fury to shake hands on the deal, but the Brit did not take this well, saying: “Why are you standing up like you’re going to do something, sit back down.”

Fury’s dad and trainer, John Fury, then chimed in: “You’ve got a deal, all or nothing.”


4 John Fury had a lot to say at the press conference as expected

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The pair then met in the middle of the stage to shake hands and almost came to blows, as both men threw out punches in an attempt to make the other man flinch.

Eventually they were pulled apart with the help of heavyweight veteran Derek Chisora, who was also on stage.

John then piped up again, saying: “Can we have this in writing please, because you’re only making our stay here better?”

Paul then revealed his lawyers had already amended the contract ready.

A shouting match then ensued, as Paul criticised Fury for his dad accepting the deal before him, while the Brit claimed he made his American rival flinch with a ‘small feint’.


4 Tyson Fury was in attendance at the press conference and he will be in his brother’s corner on Sunday night


4 Other famous faces included Mike Tyson and undisputed lightweight champion, Devin Haney

Once again, John got involved, as he stopped the two men going back and forth and said: “If Jake Paul beats Tommy Fury then Tommy Fury don’t deserve paying.”

There were a number of famous faces in attendance at the press conference including WBC heavyweight world champion, Tyson Fury, and the former undisputed heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson.

Tyson managed to get a shout out amidst the chaos, as when Fury was criticising the age of Paul’s previous opponents, the social media star clapped back, saying: “If you think Mike Tyson couldn’t beat Tommy Fury’s a*** right now, you’re wrong.”

The next time Paul and Fury meet will be at the weigh-in on Saturday morning and then comes the culmination of their long-standing beef on Sunday night when the pair finally clash in the ring.

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