Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs playoffs: Live game updates

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs playoffs: Live game updates

Updated: 11 days, 31 minutes, 1 second ago

We will be doing a live blog of the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs playoff game, so refresh often for the latest. The game kicks off at 4:30 PM ET on NBC. According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the Chiefs are 91⁄2 point favorites with an over/under of 52.

1st Quarter Updates

4:54 PM: What a response! Jacksonville struck quick and did incorporate the ground game this time, with RB Travis Etienne having a 19-yard burst. On 2nd-and-9 from the 10 yard line, head coach Doug Pederson got creative for the second week in a row, lining WR Christian Kirk up in the backfield with Lawrence in Shotgun. Kirk simply ran the wheel route to the end zone, and Lawrence found him in the mismatch for the touchdown to tie things up at 7-7 with 5:04 remaining in the first quarter. The kickoff return by Agnew no doubt helped even the game up, though.

4:50 PM: People who picked Kelce to catch a touchdown and have a big day betting-wise are off to a nice start. On the ensuing kickoff, returner Jamal Agnew just took it back 67 yards to the Chiefs’ 39 yard line, half-way through the opening quarter.

4:46 PM: The Chiefs take the early 7-0 lead, as Mahomes connects with TE Travis Kelce on a little dumpoff, and then he rumbled in for the 8-yard touchdown. I know it’s hard to match up with all of Kansas City’s weapons because of Mahomes, but the defense dropped Kelce in coverage — he’s the one guy you have to glue to always, right?

WHO ELSE BUT KELCE pic.twitter.com/jBWOXrZuFR— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) January 21, 2023

4:42 PM: Jacksonville came out trying to throw the ball on all three downs; I thought they’d try to take a slower approach with the ground game. They punted, and now Patrick Mahomes is doing his unique style of razzle dazzle with jump passes and such to move the ball downfield. Currently goal-to-go for KC.

4:32 PM: The Jaguars are getting the opening kickoff. There was snow earlier, but it’s faded to a very light rain — it doesn’t look like weather will be too much of a factor.

4:30 PM: Here we go! The Jaguars are no doubt underdogs, but with them winning six straight games, including last week’s stunning comeback against the Chiefs, you can’t count them out. They have proven they aren’t a pushover, and are just a game away from the AFC Championship.

Pre-Game Updates

4:25 PM: I did a five-game parlay, combining this weekend’s four playoff games with the Cavaliers game later tonight. I bet the home favorite in every game with the spread, except for the Chiefs-Jaguars game — the 91⁄2 line just seems too much to push, but I also didn’t want to take the Jaguars in the spread, given the large deficit they faced against the Chargers a week ago.

There’s also a 10-game parlay that I did just for the Jaguars-Chiefs game, involving a lot of little things (including the Jaguars’ running back having 5+ receiving yards, for example). I know parlays are shots in the dark, but at $10 a clip, you could try these parlays a bunch of times and if you hit one of them, you’ve made your money back. It’s all about betting responsibly, right?

4:20 PM: Good afternoon, Browns fans and NFL fans! I am going to try live blogging the first playoff game as an experiment of sorts to kick off Divisional Weekend. Here is my prediction from earlier:

The Jaguars’ comeback last week was quite remarkable, after Trevor Lawrence had thrown four interceptions. Combined with their winning streak to end the season, Jacksonville is a dangerous team right now because not only are they rolling in unconventional ways, they have the fearless factor going for them too.

The Chiefs won the regular season match-up 27-17 against the Jaguars. First round byes are less important these days it seems, and even if Kansas City wins this week, they aren’t guaranteed a home game next week. The Chiefs only lost three games this year, two of which came against Buffalo and Cincinnati, which is problematic since they face off in the next round. I’ll still take Patrick Mahomes to have his way with the Jaguars’ defense, though — and even though Jacksonville has been rolling, it’ll be hard for them to shoot out a team back-to-back. Chiefs 28, Jaguars 20.

You can also see that the entire DBN staff is taking the Chiefs to win: