“He was a Goalkeeper ” Marcus Rashford Football Journey

“He was a Goalkeeper ” Marcus Rashford Football Journey

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One of the greatest strikers of all time Rashford used to be a shot stopper. “I was a GOALKEEPER!” Marcus Rashford Reveals Secret about His Football Journey.

Rashford began playing football for Fletcher Moss Rangers at the age of five, starting out as a goalkeeper, and cited former Manchester United goalkeeper Tim Howard as his goalkeeping idol.

Fletcher Ross Rangers academy development officer Dave Horrocks recalls that Rashford was on a “different level” to other boys, playing a major role as the team won a tournament with 15 scouts from various clubs watching.

Rashford spent a week training with Manchester City before he joined the academy system at Manchester United at the age of seven, amid interest from Everton and Liverpool. He credited his brothers with helping him decide to join United. Former United youth coach Paul McGuinness quickly saw Rashford’s potential due to his athleticism both on and off the ball.

During his early years at the club, he often had to miss training as he found it difficult to get to training due to his mother and brothers working, and eventually received assistance from youth coaches Dave Bushell, Eamon Mulvey, and Tony Whelan, who helped find drivers for Rashford to get to the training ground.

When he was 11, he became the youngest ever player to be selected for the Manchester United Schoolboy Scholars scheme, usually reserved for players 12 and above.

He was fastracked and began playing cage football with Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard and Ravel Morrison, helping to increase his skill level playing with players four years his senior

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford reacts to quotes about him, including from Barack Obama and Sir Alex Ferguson!

Incredible talent but more importantly a top bloke, I have massive respect for Marcus

Humble, family orientated & a fantastic role model & human being. On top of all of that growing into a superb, hungry & deadly forward.
This is the Marcus that must keep going with all the supporters, team & manager behind him…with him in this frame of mind & spirit he is unstopabble.
He is doing all the right things physically & mentally with ETHs full trust & mentorship…this season should be the start of seeing his full powerful potential.
Keep it up Marcus – only look forward…..everyone is proud of you & the team coming together this season, fighting with every ounce of energy in every game.

ETH has gotten the best out of Marcus but he has also worked super hard both physically and mentally to get to the top of his game. A great man on and off the field. So pleased for him.

A United fan from the off, Rashford admits that he idolised fromer Man Utd goalkeeper Tim Howard over Cristiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs.

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is now regarded as one of the best attacking players in the world.

But it seems he wasn’t always dreaming of scoring goals at Old Trafford.

Rashford rose through the academy at United, joining when he was just seven.

But before linking up the the Red Devils academy, the England international has revealed that he tried his hand in goal while playing for grassroots club Fletcher Moss Rangers.

A United fan from the off, Rashford admits that he idolised GOALIE Tim Howard over Cristiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs.

Rashford also put his hand up to don the gloves if he was ever needed.

He added: “You watch, there’ll be a game… I’m going to get the gloves one day!”

More recently, the 23-year-old hit back at reports surrounding his decision to invest in property while also describing him as a “campaigning football star”.

Responding to the article, the footie star said: “Ok, so let’s address this. I’m 23.

“I came from little. I need to protect not just my future but my family’s too.

“To do that I made a decision at the beginning of 2020 to start investing more in property.

“Please don’t run stories like this alongside refs to ‘campaigning’.”

Rashford has pioneered campaigns to change government ruling on free meals for vulnerable children in school holidays, and even spoke to Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently to discuss the issue.

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