Good-Loop Launches Purpose-Powered CTV Ad Format

Good-Loop Launches Purpose-Powered CTV Ad Format

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Good-Loop Launches Purpose-Powered CTV Ad Format That Rewards Viewers’ Attention With Donations To Charity

Purpose-led ad platform Good-Loop today launched a new CTV ad format that rewards viewers’ attention and time with a free donation to charity.

Advertisers can buy the new watch-to-donate format across various CTV channels using Good-Loop’s purpose-powered ad wrapper. Once the ad has been played, it generates a free donation to a charity, funded by the brand. Formats include pre, mid and post-roll.

The new CTV ad unit also includes a QR code, which viewers can scan to drive through to the Good-Loop’s Impact Hub, where they can find out more details about the campaign and the charity partner. They can also see how much has been raised in real-time and understand the real-world impact of the funding. Participating charities include the Eden Reforestation Project, Love The Oceans and Black Minds Matter.

CTV viewership is booming. eMarketer forecasts there will be 109.3 million households with a CTV by the end of 2022, which equates to 83.6% of U.S. households, while 40% of adults watch videos using CTV devices every day (source: Leichtman Research Group).

Good-Loop’s new CTV format gives advertisers access to this rapidly growing, highly-engaged audience in a way that drives brand purpose and delivers significantly better ad performance and ROI.

Good-Loop’s purpose-powered ad formats – which drive brand engagement by converting people’s attention to ads into funding for good causes around the world – on average drive a 33% higher engagement rate, 50% higher completion rate and 4.5X higher ad recall than the rest of the industry – as well as building significant brand love, trust, and affinity.

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Ryan Cochrane, COO, Good-Loop, said: “CTV viewership is exploding right now. However, increased competition means brands are finding it increasingly hard to get noticed by this rapidly expanding global audience. TV ads don’t normally reward viewers for their time and attention. Good-Loop’s new CTV ad format does. It enables TV viewers to donate to a good cause simply by watching an ad.

“For consumers, rather than passive viewers, it means their precious time and attention is truly rewarded and helps to fund a good cause. For brands it’s a way to do good at scale, while also standing out among the ever-growing crowd of brands tussling for CTV viewers’ well-earned attention.”

The new watch-to-donate unit – bought on a Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) or CPM basis – is the latest ad format from Good-Loop that harnesses the value of consumer attention to do good at scale.

Good-Loop, a Certified B Corporation, is on a mission to make the connection between brands and consumers more meaningful by delivering respectful ads that deliver real social impact, while also driving significant business and brand uplifts for advertisers.

The advertiser receives more meaningful brand engagement, while the consumer gets to do good for free. The charity receives 50% of the ad revenue. The company has already raised £5M for charities around the world.

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