Delhi Murder Case Updates: At a Bar in Vasai, 'Drunk' Aaftab Gave Out Details of the Crime; Shraddha's Skull, Murder Weapon Still Missing

Delhi Murder Case Updates: At a Bar in Vasai, 'Drunk' Aaftab Gave Out Details of the Crime; Shraddha's Skull, Murder Weapon Still Missing

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Delhi Murder Case Updates: At a Bar in Vasai, 'Drunk' Aaftab Gave Out Details of the Crime; Shraddha's Skull, Murder Weapon Still Missing

Delhi-Mehrauli Murder Case Updates: Food blogger Aaftab Poonawala, who is being probed for murdering his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and chopping her body into 35 pieces in May, was called in for questioning in October — four months after the murder — but managed to avoid suspicion by “offering all help in tracing Walkar”. It was a trap by Vasai police that opened that details of the grisly murder during a “long drinking session”.

According to a report in Times of India, the 28-year-old accused was summoned for questioning after October 6 when an application submitted by Shraddha’s father Vikas about his missing daughter began the investigation. Poonawala had clearly thought out a plan to stonewall the police, and did not hesitate to talk about his live-in relationship with 26-year-old Walkar.

The report quoted sources as saying that he told the cops Walkar had left their Delhi home after a tiff, and admitted it was a mistake not to have tried to patch up or check on her.

Police sources said when he was allowed to go after questioning in October, Poonawala clearly felt confident. He left thinking he was playing a perfect double game: co-operating with the police in the search for his ‘dead’ live-in partner, the report stated.

When he was called for a second round of questioning early this month, he gave some contradictory statements. Altered, police officers step up surveillance but made Poonawala feel that routine questioning was over and nothing suspicious had emerged.

The report stated that the details of the gory murder began to emerge when Poonawala visited a bar in Vasai and during a binge, and described how he murdered Walkar.

When Poonawala left Mumbai a day after meeting the cops on November 3, the police alerted their Delhi counterparts to keep tabs on him. The cops landed at his home on November 10 and picked him up for questioning. He is believed to have disclosed details of the murder and the cover-up, the report stated.

Here Are Latest Updates on Shraddha Walkar’s Murder Case:

Shraddha’s skull, mobile phone, murder weapon still missing: According to reports, police found 10-13 bones from the forest where Aaftab claimed to have disposed of the 35 pieces of Shradhha Walkar’s body after killing her. Her head is yet to be found.

After killing Shraddha, Aaftab operated her bank account app and transferred Rs 54,000. The pending water bill of Rs 300 of Aaftab’s flat proved he used a huge amount of water — probably to the blood and any other physical sign of the murder.

Police find blood stains, gloves in Aaftab’s flat: Blood stains and surgical gloves by the window were found in the kitchen of the Chhatarpur flat. The samples have been sent for examination.

Aaftab to undergo Narco test: A Delhi court on Wednesday gave approval to police to conduct a narco-analysis test on Aaftab. The police claimed he was not cooperating during the investigation and made attempts to mislead the officers.

Shraddha’s Father Said He Collapsed When Aaftab Told Him She’s No More: “He confessed in front of me. The police asked him, ‘Do you know him’? He said, ‘Yes, he is Shraddha’s father’. Then at once, he started saying Shraddha is no more. I collapsed there. I could not hear any more. Then he was taken away. I was in no condition to hear it,” Vikas Walkar was quoted as saying by NDTV.

An NDTV report stated that Walkar recalled how Aftab had been “totally normal” while speaking to him on previous occasions, and how he grew suspicious when the man washed his hands off any kind of accountability when Shraddha was missing.

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