Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith LIVE RESULTS: Start time, live stream, TV channel, PPV price for TONIGHT’S big clash

Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith LIVE RESULTS: Start time, live stream, TV channel, PPV price for TONIGHT’S big clash

Updated: 11 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes, 20 seconds ago

CHRIS EUBANK JR and Liam Smith are getting ready to face each other in a HUGE all-Brit bout.

Both fighters came through their weigh-ins on the mark and are ready for this big all-Brit main event.

Tyson Fury and David Haye are ringside in Manchester for this big bout at the AO Arena, with the winner set for a world title shot next.

Ring walk time: 10pm approx TV channel: Sky Sports Box Office Live Stream: Sky Sports Box Office PPV price: £19.95 in the UK

Full card

Main event: Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith (middleweight) Richard Riakporhe vs Krzysztof Głowacki Ekow Essuman vs Chris Kongo Joseph Parker BEATS Jack Massey Frazer Clarke BEATS Kevin Espindola Matty Harris BEATS Jiri Surmaj (Rd1 KO) Scott Forrest BEATS Amine Boucetta (60-54 points)


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Jack Figg

4 minutes ago

Up next

Real treat as Ekow Essuman defends his British and Commonwealth welterweight titles agains Chris Kongo.

Essuman is 18-0 while Kingo has been beaten just once, by Michael McKinson.

Real 50-50 one here for fans.

Jack Figg

9 minutes ago

Parker wins!

Judges score the bout, 96-93, 97-92 and 97-93 in favour of Joseph Parker.

He was comfortable enough throughout the majority of the bout, despite glimpses from Massey.

But it's not the type of performance that will strike fear into Parker's rivals in the division.

Jack Figg

10 minutes ago

Parker wins!

Judges score the bout, 96-93, 97-92 and 97-93 in favour of Joseph Parker.

He was comfortable enough throughout the majority of the bout, despite glimpses from Massey.

But it's not the type of performance that will strike fear into Parker's rivals in the division.

Jack Figg

18 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 10 - Final round here and Parker looks to be on his way to an uneventful points win.

Big combination comes in from Massey, knocking Parker's head back only for the two to tie up.

Massey is cut on the right eyes as Parker leaps in and lands a combination with a heavy looking hook.

Jack Figg

25 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 9 - Parker unleashes a triple left hook but he's too close to land any damage and Massey blocks well.

Both men exchanging on the inside and again a clinch follows, breaking up the momentum.

Parker tries to get something going with a double jab but smothers his work.

Jack Figg

29 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 8 - Good spirt from Massey and Parker tries to return fire but the two end up in a clinch - which is happening far too often.

Parker is working behind his jab but isn't finding much room to put anything behind it.

Ref has taken a point away from Massey, believed to be for holding at a time the Brit was beginning to claw back some momentum.

Jack Figg

33 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 7 - Lovely right hand and left hook lands from Massey to open the round.

Another uppercut and hook counter comes in for Massey, who is getting his timing here.

Brilliantly timed left hook lands for Massey, having his best round here with Parker's work rate slowed completely.

Jack Figg

38 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 6 - Nice right hook comes over the top for Massey, who is looking quietly more confident the last couple rounds.

Sneaky uppercut also lands for Massey, lifting up Parker's head.

Parker returns fire with a double jab and uppercut combination of his own.

Massey is set to the ropes tottering after a good combo from Parker lands, potentially nicking that round.

Jack Figg

42 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 5 - Massey comes out firing as the round begins but Parker covers up well.

Parker is stalking Massey, behind his jab but isn't really unloading in enough numbers to cause any fight-ending threat.

Big right hand down the middle land for Parker but it causes Massey to rally towards the end of the round. Good action.

Jack Figg

46 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 4 – Lovely right hook to the body and uppercut upstairs for Parker.

Massey is trying to clinch just to slow Parker down but does land a promising right of his own.

Another sweeping hook by Parker breaks Massey's guard but the damage is partially defended.

Jack Figg

50 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 3 - Big right hook bounces off the top of Massey's head, with sweat splattering the ring.

Massey is starting to look out-gunned against the bigger man and can't seem to deal with Parker's jab.

Parker is in control heading into the fourth and if he ups his product, he could start to cause some damage.

Jack Figg

54 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 2 - Parker really starting to make use of his jab, forcing Massey on the back foot and in uncomfortable situations.

Parker is throwing his weight around in the clinch, making Massey - who is coming up in weight - feel the force of his frame.

The jab has been the key for Parker, as he's backing Massey up to the ropes and letting his hands fly.

Jack Figg

58 minutes ago

Parker vs Massey

Round 1 - Massey has Parker's attention with a double jab, right hand combination but the ex-champ shook it off well.

Parker dictated most the round, taking centre ring and forcing Massey back.

The Kiwi star used his size advantage well in the opener there, and Massey is already looking marked up.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:58

Parker vs Massey

Round 1 - The heavyweight action is underway.

Parker comes out quick on his jab, forcing Massey back.

The New Zealander needs to make a statement tonight and is making a fast start.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:56

Champ is here

Tyson Fury has taken his seat ringside to watch friend Parker in action.

Parker has set up shop in Morecambe and even spent Christmas with Fury.

He'll be hoping to put on a show with the champ in the house.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:52

Whyte spirit

Parker is out for redemption in a rematch against Dillian Whyte, who he lost to in 2018.

He told Sky Sports: “That’s the one fight that I would like to fight again.

"I respect Dillian Whyte and what he’s done in his boxing career. We had a great first fight, I would like to back it up.

"If I can get past Jack Massey in good fashion, I would love the opportunity to fight Dillian Whyte again.” 

Jack Figg

Today, 19:46

No average Joe

Ex-heavyweight champion Joseph Parker makes his return against former cruiserweight Jack Massey.

Parker was knocked out by Joe Joyce in September and is need to get back in the win column.

He has the backing of WBC champion Tyson Fury, who is here in the Manchester Arena.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:37

All four one

Frazer Clarke has picked up a fourth-round stoppage win over Kevin Espindola.

The Tokyo Olympian now moves to 5-0, with four stoppages but will look to bigger things this year.

He is in good company managed by Anthony Joshua's 258 Management stable.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:28

Undercard action

Heavyweight prospect Frazer Clarke - managed by Anthony Joshua - is making easy work of Kevin Espindola.

Clarke has stalked him round the ring, landing with body shots and uppercuts.

But Espindola is tough and covering up well, trying to avoid a stoppage loss.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:20

It's all kicking off!

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall are here ringside in Manchester - and no surprise tensions boiled over.

The pair had to be separated after a row between the two broke out.

Catterall was controversially beaten on points last year and their scheduled March rematch has now been pushed back after Taylor suffered a foot injury.

Jack Figg

Today, 19:05

Eu what?

Eubank for what it's worth doesn't deny being hurt to the body in sparring - as he doesn't remember be.

He said: “I don’t remember if I hurt him. He says he hurt me to the body and nearly put me on the canvas. I think that is a whimsical tale.

“We’re both probably two different fighters compared to what we were back then. Well, I know I am; he may not be, but I am.”

Jack Figg

Today, 18:58

Spar treatment

Tonight will not be the first time Eubank and Smith have shared the ring.

They sparred each other in Bolton, when Smith claims to have hurt Eubank to the body.

Trainer Joe Gallagher, who formerly cornered Smith, was there that day and told Sky Sports: "It was a good spar. Liam did catch Chris with a good body shot.

"It wasn't a body shot that he fell on the floor, he walked around holding his side, whinging a little bit but he recovered and carried on.

"But Liam did have his moment in the spar in there and I think that's what's given Liam huge confidence going into this."

Jack Figg

Today, 18:49

Bank statements

Things got spicy between Eubank and Smith in their Instagram DMs as the fighting talk ensued behind the scenes.

Eubank mocked Smith by claiming he is getting "cooked" in the ring, like the steak he was preparing to eat.

And it sparked a furious war-of-words between the two.

Jack Figg

Today, 18:36

Will I never

Tonight's fight has divided opinions across the boxing world.

But one man in the perfect position to predict the bout is Liam Williams, having shared the ring with BOTH.

He was twice beaten by Smith in 2017 and in February 2022 was dropped four times in a points loss to Eubank.

Interestingly, Williams backed Smith to come out victorious in the Sky Box Office bout in Manchester.

He said: "I think Smith is going to win. I think it's going to be a great fight nevertheless but I think it's a Smith points win for me."

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Jack Figg

Today, 18:27

Summertime brawl

Tonight's winner between Eubank and Smith are in line for a blockbuster summer fight - but the loser faces an uncertain future.

Ben Shalom said: "Both of them want to fight again in the summer. "This a springboard to massive fights in 2023.

"But this is the one they're both focused on. Were Chris to lose this, it really will be difficult to come back from and Liam the same."

Credit: PA