Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 25

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 25

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Beef: I was walking on the sidewalk down Bowen Road. I heard a bell from behind and quickly turned to see a boy travelling very fast on the sidewalk on his motorized scooter. I tripped and fell and the boy took off very quickly and left me on the sidewalk.

BOUQUET To Ann Marie of Ann Marie’s Angel Network. The nice ladies delivered a very generous Christmas hamper to our home which helped make our Christmas happier. The turkey was awesome. We’re still eating the leftovers. Thanks again for your kindness.

BEEF To the shelter that continues to treat its employees terribly. Wishing all the staff a speedy resignation.

BOUQUET To Emily M. at Mad About Ewe fine yarns for her generous donation of yarn to St. Peter’s Prayer Shawl Ministry. We appreciate you.

BEEF To the Canadian government. You issue travel warnings for countries that are from my experience safer than Canada. Why not issue legitimate travel advisories for dangerous places such as Nanaimo, Toronto, Victoria, Surrey or East Hastings in Vancouver, where there are robberies, assaults, shootings and murders?

BOUQUET A big thank you to Tammy at FYidoctors for your friendliness and helpfulness with my purchase of new glasses.

BEEF To every single person who lights fireworks off in town and especially those who light them off late at night. You are so incredibly selfish and cause so much harm and stress to people, animals and the environment. The city needs harsher bylaws and fines. It’s heartbreaking to see my dog suffer. Find a new hobby.

BOUQUET To Van Isle Clean for all they do to try to keep Nanaimo cleaned up and green and for helping people who need help.

BEEF To my neighbour in the Westwood Lake area. If you are going to play your music, please turn it down and close your garage door. The boom is very loud and it’s hard to listen to our TV.

BOUQUET Thank you so much to the Nanaimo North Library for picking my name as one of the winners in the Adult Winter Reading Club. I am loving the book that I won and am so grateful that you created this as I have now read books that I might not have chosen because of the bonus draws. Staff at the library rock.

BEEF I was walking on the sidewalk down Bowen Road. I heard a bell from behind and quickly turned to see a boy travelling very fast on the sidewalk on his motorized scooter. I tripped and fell and the boy took off very quickly and left me on the sidewalk. I am still recovering from this unfortunate accident caused by the carelessness of someone who was not paying attention.Parents, please talk to your children.

BOUQUET Thank you so much for making the print for the crossword puzzle darker and somewhat larger for us seniors developing cataracts. We’re the ones with the time to do those puzzles so we appreciate being able to see them better.

BEEF To the tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists. You are not thinking for yourselves. You are parroting what you read from fringe websites. Spoiler alert, the Earth is not flat, men went to the moon and COVID is sadly still killing people every day.

BOUQUET To the couple who helped me make a phone call immediately to my daughter-in-law after Pip, the Aussie shepherd, was injured and who ran after me with my dog’s leash. Thank you for being so caring and helpful. You were part of the team that helped save her life.

BEEF To the Bank of Canada. Raising interest rates on the soon-to-be-poor mortgage holder is counterproductive. How about nailing offshore accounts, crooked politicians and billionaires. Start there, as my pockets are empty.

BOUQUET To the person that turned in my credit card at the Real Canadian Superstore. I was so relieved to get it back. Thank you very much for your good deed.

BEEF When you book an international vacation in these chaotic times – it happened late summer – do you really think things have improved? It was brutal pre-COVID. And now the cheaper airlines are to blame? This single blue-collar father has a hard time feeling empathy.

BOUQUET To you for understanding that my love and belief are personal. I didn’t celebrate outwardly but inwardly this year for personal reasons. It’s so nice to see everyone caring though for everyone. Let’s hope in the new year no youths or adults have to live out of a shopping cart while we are inside warm. Peace.

BEEF To Santa for leaving coal in my stocking for Christmas. I only jaywalked once last year.

BOUQUET To the kind man who found my wallet outside the Tim Hortons at Nanaimo North Town Centre. You are a very honest person and I thank you.

BEEF To the CEOs of Canadian corporations. As the saying goes, ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’ Average wage and benefits are $14 million. These CEOs have earned in these first three days of this year what the average working person makes in a year.

BOUQUET To the third-floor staff at NRGH. I was amazed by your work ethic. I saw you rushing around for the three days I was visiting my friend. Yet when you helped patients it was as if that patient was the only one. I heard you greeting them with such kindness and empathy. Everyone I encountered on the floor was so helpful. You are an inspiration and so appreciated.

BEEF To the judge for allowing a career criminal, bank robber, physical abuser and violent offender to play the victim. What’s wrong with this country?

BOUQUET To Jan M. with Covalent Health Consulting for life-saving trauma counselling treatment that has helped me truly heal and understand my PTSD symptoms. I am now genuinely recovering from my former workplace customer assaults. I am forever grateful for your amazing skills, presence, respect and gracious duty of care. Thank you.

BEEF To the home rental business for shamelessly allowing the exploitation of renters and legitimate hotels during the very real housing affordability crisis.

BOUQUET To Dr. Fletcher. I was in for shortness of breath in the ER and you acted so professionally and kindly to me. I’ve had a few bad experiences in that same ER but you showed compassion. Keep doing what you do. You make a difference. Thank you.

BOUQUET To June, Wynna, and Linda for creating instrumental development programs for people with brain injury and for showing such compassion and support when you ran the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society. You all went above and beyond and listened to what we needed.

BEEF To the cyclists and e-bike riders along Departure Bay and Hammond Bay roads. Pick a rule: either pedestrian or vehicle. Weaving between slow moving cars then onto sidewalks and crosswalks, sliding into vehicle blind spots then getting mad at the vehicle drivers for not seeing you isn’t working. My GoPro is now set for you.

BOUQUET To the staff at Get My Kit and Ono Work and Safety for helping me put together the ever-recommended earthquake/disaster kit. It was a bit overwhelming initially but we managed to customize it to my family’s needs. Another bouquet to my children for taking it seriously as I assembled each item, going over instructions, noting expiry dates and ensuring we all know the exact location of contents. Nothing wrong with being on the safe side.

BEEF The old walk signals have been changed to the new, extremely dangerous ones. The old had flashing traffic lights for vehicles, green and red hand signals, chiming for visually impaired. The new ones have lights for traffic but nothing for pedestrians. You have to go out on the road to see if you can go and no sound. Almost as bad as our itty-bitty flashing blue light telling traffic emergency vehicles are coming through.

BOUQUET Gratitude to the Forest Park PAC for supporting the Grade 7 silent auction. A special shout out to Leah H., Dawn S., Kelly W., Crystal B., Ashley M., Luch family, Bosch family, Amanda G., Mander family, Kelli M., Tia N. Carla L. and Karmen T. for acquiring the amazing donations that made this event a success. We are one step closer to our fundraising goal which will support an amazing year end for our Grade 7s.

BEEF To the residential tenancy branch for supporting ‘bad’ tenants, manipulating the bureaucratic system to take advantage of property owners. Property tax, water, sewer, garbage, inflation and maintenance fees have all increased. There is no point in having eviction notices when it takes months for arbitration, mostly resulting in additional costs to follow an arduous process.

BOUQUET Appreciation to the local businesses that graciously provided an amazing selection of items for the Forest Park Elementary silent auction: Island Chef Pepper, V.I. Granite and Quartz Countertops, Paradise Island Foods, Inner Soul Connections Energy Art, Gone Fishin’, Norwex, Chameleon Hair, Burnt Timber, Urban Barn, Starbucks, Montana’s, Ajac and Alchemy Beauty Inc. With your generosity we are one step closer to planning an amazing line up of year-end events.

BEEF To the regional district. No trash collection for over seven weeks. Told to keep exposed trash bags on property until unknown date, and to let the rats and racoons feast on piles of garbage in the meantime. We have bears here.

BOUQUET Sincere thanks to Dr. B. Wells and every member of the health-care team who provided me with exceptional, professional and friendly care when I recently visited emergency and subsequently required emergency surgery at Nanaimo hospital.

BEEF To the overuse of the words amazing, awesome, and absolutely. The English language has a plethora of similar words to each of these. It would be a relief to hear speech that originates from a sense of individuality, rather than a nation of parrots.

BOUQUET Quite a few non-profits have been operating longer, and better, than one of the newer ones. Don’t forget them and all their hard work.

BEEF To diesel truck drivers who leave engines idle for no good reason in parking lots. Please be considerate of people and the environment by turning those engines off.

BOUQUET To the wonderful people at the Nanaimo News Bulletin. The great little calendar that they insert into their paper at the beginning of each new year has been so handy. The calendar is small enough to fit in anywhere or roll it up and keep it handy. I look forward to receiving it each year. Thank you to the Bulletin for their efforts to help readers.

BEEF To the neighbours. Just because you have credentials hanging on your fence, this does not give you the right to use our residential street in front of our home as your parking lot for your clients.

BOUQUET After 50 years of diesel engines and maybe a little rock ‘n’ roll, my hearing loss was becoming a problem. Heartfelt gratitude goes to the family that donated their loved one’s hearing aids. My second bouquet goes to Lana and Cheryl of Hearing Life at Woodgrove for their great caring customer service, and professional expertise in setting the hearing aids to my ears’ specifications. Thank you all.

BEEF To people who continue to use outdated wood stoves which do not conform to code. These health hazards should not be grandfathered forever.

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