AEW Rampage Results: The Acclaimed Get Interrupted Before They Get On Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Kings Of The Black Throne Defeat Eddie Kingston & Ortiz (01/13)

AEW Rampage Results: The Acclaimed Get Interrupted Before They Get On Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Kings Of The Black Throne Defeat Eddie Kingston & Ortiz (01/13)

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The Acclaimed have had their hands very full lately, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal trying to take the AEW World Tag Team Championships for themselves. They would manage back to back title defences, including a very physical No Holds Barred match. Finally putting them in their rear view mirror, The Acclaimed now want to put their mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Why? Because everyone in Hollywood LOVES THE ACCLAIMED!

The Gunns Prevent The Acclaimed From Putting Their Mark On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Bowens would say that they never get sick of hearing the crowds sing for them, but it’s even better in the town he calls home – Los Angeles. Even better, they’re in the Mecca of Professional Wrestling – All Elite Wrestling. He’d ask for the crowd to put their scissors in the air to ensure that they can cement their legacy.

Everyone for the rest of the history of the world will know how big scissoring is, as they looked to put them on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, before they could cement their legacy, the music of The Gunns would hit. They would claim that the only reason The Acclaimed are so popular is that they stole the father of The Gunns.

Billy Gunn would say they have a point, and offer them the spot on the Walk of Fame – but would turn their back on The Acclaimed. Caster & Bowens would pull the pants of The Gunns down, and Billy shoved them down ass first into the cement. This will not be the last we hear of The Gunns & The Acclaimed.

Bow Down To The Kings Of The Black Throne

For weeks now, seeds of doubt have been planted in the mind of Eddie Kingston & Ortiz by The House of Black. Kingston doesn’t know if he can trust Ortiz, and Ortiz doesn’t know if Kingston isn’t working with his old friend Black. Tonight, The Kings Of The Black Throne are ready to harvest the outcome of those seeds, as they meet Kingston & Ortiz in tag team action on AEW Rampage.

Kingston & Ortiz would argue who gets to start this match, with Ortiz being attacked from behind by King. Some heavy chops would land from King, before Ortiz tried to fight back but was quickly overwhelmed. Ortiz would be able to get King into the right corner, with Kingston getting the tag and looking for the Half & Half Suplex – but couldn’t get him over.

Black would get the tag, and would be able to force Kingston into the corner for a knee to the midsection. Kingston would land a heavy chop, stopping a running Black in his tracks. Uraken would be thrown with Black ducking and looking for the Black Mass kick. Kingston would duck, and sit cross legged in front of Black – mocking the patron of the House of Black.

A brawl on the floor would follow, with Ortiz & King taken out. Back in the ring, Black would sweep Kingston with a roll before King ran in with a huge senton. Black would dive onto the floor taking down Ortiz, before going for some kicks on Kingston in the ring – and taking a poke to the eye.

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz Have A Disagreement

This would just fire Black up, who threw in some more heavy kicks before tagging King back in to keep the pressure on. King would hit the XL Cannonball Senton in the corner, getting a two count with Ortiz saving the match. Ortiz was eager for a tag, but the pride of Kingston kept him fighting.

Enziguri would land on King, before the Half & Half Suplex would drop King on his crown. Ortiz would plead for a tag, but Black rushed in before it could be made. Kingston would set up a slingshot DDT from Ortiz before the Exploder Suplex for a two count. Uraken would be avoided, as Black hit a rising knee to the jaw.

Ortiz would dive in to make the save, allowing Kingston to hit a Saito Suplex and Burning Lariat for a two count – with King making the save. Buddy Matthews & Julia Hart would rush the run, with Matthews providing a chair to Kingston, and Hart looking to bait the shot. Ortiz would berate Kingston for trying to hit a girl, before Kingston was dropped with Black Mass for the finish.

Will Kingston & Ortiz look for a rematch? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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