AAP Rolling News Bulletin Feb 26, 1100

AAP Rolling News Bulletin Feb 26, 1100

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AAP Rolling News Bulletin Feb 26, 1100

AAP Rolling News Bulletin Feb 26, 1100

26 February 2023

Rolling News Bulletin 1100 AAP Rolling News Bulletin for Feb 26 at 1100

PollNSW (SYDNEY) NSW Labor has pledged to invest in world-leading natural disaster detection technology if it can win the state election as the government announces a major plan to expand its overhaul of stamp duty. "Sadly, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and severe in our state," NSW Labor leader Chris Minns said on Sunday. "These new systems are desperately needed and long overdue." It comes after an independent inquiry commissioned by the NSW government warned current disaster systems are not up to scratch, highlighting failures of rain and river gauges and a flagging radar system. The $3.3 million technology would create better early warning systems for floods and fires, the party said. Early warning systems will give residents more time to evacuate during emergencies and similar technology is already in use in New Zealand.

Thorpe (SYDNEY) Federal senator Lidia Thorpe was removed from the Sydney Mardi Gras parade after footage showed her lying on the street and temporarily halting the march. In a video of the incident shared on social media, the independent senator can be seen lying on her back in front of the truck on Oxford Street during the Saturday night parade. Two police officers then approach Senator Thorpe as the crowd begins to boo. "Get rid of her! Get rid of her," a person in the crowd can be heard chanting during the incident. She can then be seen getting to her feet and appearing to argue with police and Mardi Gras crew before she is accompanied from the street. Senator Thorpe said she was proud to join the parade as part of the Pride In Protest float in a social media post on Sunday.

NZ Gabrielle (WELLINGTON) The number of people still missing after Cyclone Gabrielle that struck New Zealand two weeks ago has dropped to eight, amid warnings of more wild weather for the nation's North Island. Gabrielle hit the island's northern region on February 12 and then the east coast causing widespread destruction, leaving at least 11 people dead and displacing thousands. The number of people missing topped 6000 following the storm as communications were disrupted in many areas, but has fallen in the wake of recovery efforts. "The remaining number of people includes those who, for a variety of reasons, do not engage with authorities," police said on Sunday. "Regardless, getting in touch with those remaining eight remains a priority for police, and our staff are exploring all avenues to try and locate them."

Superannuation (CANBERRA) The treasurer has defended possible tweaks to tax breaks on multimillion-dollar superannuation balances as reasonable changes that won't alter the fundamentals of Australia's retirement savings system. Jim Chalmers told Sky News the changes under consideration, which could include a cap on large super balances attracting concessional tax treatments, were not "especially controversial" and similar in scope to changes made by the former coalition government. He said the coalition had made similar "tweaks" to the super system while in office, including changes to superannuation taxes in 2016 that raised $5 billion. "So the fundamentals won't change - the tax concessionality will still be there, but we do need to consider whether we can afford the degree of tax concessionality for people who've got very big balances," he said.

US Weather (LOS ANGELES) Nearly 85,000 households and businesses are without power in the Los Angeles area as storms continue to pummel parts of California, bringing snow to higher elevations and dumping rain and hail in the flatlands. Interstate 5, the largest highway leading north out of the city, remained closed on Saturday due to heavy snow, while several more southern points of the freeway in and around Los Angeles were closed due to flooding, the California Department of Transportation said. In Northern California, San Francisco was expected to experience record cold temperatures on Saturday, and the National Weather Service warned residents of the state capital of Sacramento to avoid travel from Sunday through Wednesday as rain and snow started up again after a reprieve on Saturday.

Adams (LOS ANGELES) Several prominent media publishers across the United State are dropping the Dilbert comic strip after its creator described Black people as members of "a racist hate group" during an online video show. Various media officials denounced the comments by Dilbert creator Scott Adams as racist, hateful and discriminatory while saying they would no longer provide a platform for his work. Andrews McMeel Syndication, which distributes Dilbert, did not immediately respond on Saturday to requests for comment from Adams or from the syndicator about his remarks. Dilbert is a long-running comic that pokes fun at office-place culture. The backlash began following an episode this past week of the YouTube show, Real Coffee with Scott Adams. Among other topics, Adams referenced a Rasmussen Reports survey that had asked whether people agreed with the statement "It's OK to be white."

Ukraine (KYIV) The European Union has vowed to increase pressure on Russia "until Ukraine is liberated" as it adopted a tenth package of sanctions on Russia, a day after the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. "We now have the most far-reaching sanctions ever - depleting Russia's war arsenal and biting deep into its economy," European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Twitter, adding the bloc was turning up the pressure on those trying to circumvent EU sanctions. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned the bloc would continue to pile more sanctions on Russia. "We will continue to increase pressure on Russia - and we will do it for as long as needed, until Ukraine is liberated from the brutal Russian aggression," he said in a statement.

Indigenous (LISMORE) One of the loudest voices in the campaign against an Indigenous voice to parliament wants to be convinced to switch sides. Aboriginal businessman Warren Mundine is a key figure on the "no" side. Mr Mundine said one of the reasons he was prosecuting the argument was to get the "yes" campaign to step up its game ahead of the referendum. "It's a challenge - I like challenges and I want to challenge them to get it right," he told AAP. Mr Mundine is a polarising figure within Aboriginal communities and a self- confessed contrarian. Unapologetically pro-mining, he has a deep-rooted belief in the power of business to affect change but also still clings to his activist roots, planted in the Aboriginal-led protests of the 1980s.

In sport ...

Soc EPL (LEICESTER) Erling Haaland has scored a record 27th goal in the Premier League to help Manchester City see off Bournemouth 4-1 and stay on the shoulder of Arsenal in the title race. The Gunners had earlier on Saturday won deservedly 1-0 at Leicester to extend their lead, but City brought the advantage back to down to two points - albeit having played a game more - with their emphatic away win. No City player has scored 27 goals in a single Premier League season. Sergio Aguero's 26 in 2014-15 was the previous best for the club before the prolific Haaland. Julian Alvarez and Phil Foden added more for City, and an own goal by Chris Mepham wrapped up the visitors' scoring on an easy night on the south coast.

RU Six Wales (CARDIFF) England have piled on the misery for Wales with a 20-10 victory that left the beleaguered hosts nursing a third straight loss to open the Six Nations. The Welsh haven't made this poor a start to the championship in 20 years and it continues a tempestuous campaign for the proud rugby nation, after a pre-Six Nations racism and bullying scandal and a contract dispute which dominated the build-up. "We spoke about the emotion of the last two weeks. We gave massive effort for 80 minutes," Wales captain Ken Owens sai

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