4 family members and a mistress: Who are the 5 linked to HK model Abby Choi’s grisly murder?

4 family members and a mistress: Who are the 5 linked to HK model Abby Choi’s grisly murder?

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Ms Abby Choi

The authorities believe they have arrested all the suspects involved in the murder of 28-year-old Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi, whose dismembered body was discovered last week.

Her headless body was found in a rented village property in Tai Po, a suburb in Hong Kong. Parts of her body – including her bashed head – had been cooked in a large soup pot, with some remains kept in a refrigerator.


Four people aged between 28 and 65 have been charged in connection with the murder and appeared in court on Monday. They include Ms Choi’s former husband, former brother-in-law and former father-in-law, who were charged with murder. Her former mother-in-law faces one charge of perverting the course of justice.

The police have also arrested the mistress of Ms Choi’s former father-in-law and are investigating if she knew about the case.

Ms Choi was reportedly attacked in a car and fell unconscious, before she was taken to the village house. Her exact time of death is still being investigated. As the suspects are not cooperating, police said investigations have been difficult.

1. Kwong Kau, 65, former father-in-law of Ms Choi

Kwong Kau reportedly planned the grisly murder and rented the village house in February. He is a former police sergeant who was awarded the Hong Kong Police Long Service Medal in 2001. He resigned in 2005 after allegedly being involved in a rape case.

He was reportedly unhappy with Ms Choi’s handling of a luxury property and the police believe he was the mastermind behind the murder. Initial investigations found that Ms Choi had recently planned to sell a Kadoorie Hill property in Ho Man Tin. She had bought the property under the elder Kwong’s name, and it is said that she promised to relocate her ex-husband and his family members elsewhere.

However, this sparked fierce opposition from the elder Kwong, who had several arguments with her. The murder is believed to have been committed over the dispute concerning that property, which is worth tens of millions of dollars.

2. Alex Kwong, 28, former husband of Ms Choi

Alex KwongAlex Kwong

Said to be jobless by local media, Alex Kwong had reportedly been wanted by the police for years after jumping bail in a fraud case. He claimed to be in a gold investment business and had reportedly defrauded a few victims of about HK$5 million (S$860,000) from 2014 to 2015. Kwong had also been sued for more than HK$1.6 million in debts. He has two children – a son and daughter – with Ms Choi. The children’s ages are unknown.

On Saturday, Kwong was caught in a police ambush at Tung Chung pier on Lantau Island, after the police learnt about his plan to flee Hong Kong via a speedboat. When he was arrested, Kwong had HK$500,000 in cash and several luxury watches worth about HK$4million on him.

3. Anthony Kwong, 31, former brother-in-law of Ms Choi and elder brother of Alex Kwong

Anthony Kwong and Abby ChoiAnthony Kwong and Abby Choi

Anthony Kwong was Ms Choi’s personal driver and former business partner. The two were directors of companies that owned Bear Bear Snack, a pancake stall that was reportedly involved in contractual disputes totaling more than HK$130,000. He had also been sued by a bank for unpaid debt in 2019.


The pair enjoyed a close relationship, with Anthony Kwong referring to themselves as “siblings” and he often shared photos of them doing things together.

Before Ms Choi went missing, he reportedly drove to her home in Kadoorie Hill to meet her. Kadoorie Hill is in Ho Man Tin, an upmarket residential neighborhood in central Kowloon. The two then headed out to pick up Ms Choi’s daughter.

4. Jenny Li, 63, former mother-in-law of Ms Choi

Jenny Li is a retiree who was reportedly declared bankrupt in 2017. Little is known about her and her involvement in the case, although local media said Li did not take part in the murder. However, she is said to have been aware of the plan to murder Ms Choi. Li was charged with one count of obstructing the case.

5. Ng “Yung Yung”, 47, alleged mistress of Kwong Kau

Ng’s full name has not been disclosed by the authorities, but her nickname is reportedly “Yung Yung”. She is said to be a masseuse at a massage parlour in Prince Edward district. Some reports said she had been in a relationship with the elder Kwong for six months.

The massage parlor offers aromatherapy spa and massage services ranging from HKS$298 to HK$698, and no sexual services are offered, according to local media. Ng reportedly has two children who are in their teens.

Ng had not turned up for work at the massage parlor in recent days.

She is assisting police with the investigations as she allegedly helped to rent the village property where Ms Choi’s dismembered body was found. Ng also allegedly helped to rent a luxury flat in mid-February in the Arch Sky Tower development in West Kowloon for HK$40,000 for a month. This is believed to have been used to harbor Ms Choi’s former husband, who was aware of his father’s extramarital affair.

On Sunday, the police found her on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and arrested her. She was later escorted to her home at Foo Tak Building in Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay for a police search.


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