17 best Black Friday monitor deals 2022: 4K screens, gaming displays, more

17 best Black Friday monitor deals 2022: 4K screens, gaming displays, more

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Monitors are one of those components that you can spend as much, or as little on as you want. While you generally get what you pay for, you should be paying for the right features, specs, and size for your specific needs. Are you an ultra-focused at-home worker that needs maximum screen real estate for complex projects? Maybe you just want a big, beautiful display for gaming, or media consumption. 

In any of these cases, or just about any use case you could come up with, we've got you covered with Black Friday deals at some of the biggest retailers around. We scoured the web for not just the best offers on mainstream, do-it-all displays, but also on more niche models like huge ultrawides, super-fast refresh gaming displays, and massive 43-inch+ monitors. 

Read on to find a selection of the best deals around right now, regardless of what type and size of monitor you're looking for.

Latest Black Friday monitor deals

The last time this page received an update, these were the latest monitor deals worth checking out:

Best Black Friday monitor deals

Below are the best monitor deals we found could find. Further down the page, you'll see other interesting monitor deals we spotted at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and others.

Dell 34-inch, 144Hz curved gaming monitor for $379

Save $121 dell-34-curved-gaming-monitor

Dell -- Amazon

Current price: $379Original price: $500

Dell's 34-inch curved gaming monitor has been around for quite a while now, but it's still remained a perennial favorite among fans of ultrawide displays during that time. Its 3440x1440 (WQHD) resolution provides crisp, immersive visuals for anything from first-person shooters to racing titles, and its 144Hz refresh rate means you'll be seeing more frames faster than your opponents, 

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Samsung 34-inch, 75Hz ultrawide monitor for $230

Save $170 Samsung's 34-inch ultrawide monitor

Samsung -- Walmart

Current price: $229.99Original price: $399.99

If the ultrawide form factor seems ideal for you, but you don't necessarily need a dedicated gaming monitor, Samsung's 34-inch model is a great entry point for productivity enthusiasts that might still get up to some casual gaming from time to time. Its 3440 x 1440 resolution means whatever task you put it to should look great thanks to its solid pixel density.

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Acer Nitro 32-inch class, 165Hz gaming monitor for $262

Save $38 Acer Nitro Gaming Monitor

Acer -- Amazon

Current price: $262Original price: $300

If you want a gaming monitor in the more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, Acer's Nitro model has got you covered with 31.5 inches of diagonal space and a refresh rate that can be pushed to 165Hz. The unit also features a 1500R curve to make your gaming experience more immersive, and AMD FreeSync support to keep your visual buttery smooth even during framerate dips.

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LG 32-inch, 4K monitor for creatives for $415

Save $33 LG's Ultrafine 4K monitor

LG -- Amazon

Current price: $446Original price: $499

Between its UHD, 4K resolution and its support for HDR10 and the DCI-P3 95% Color Gamut, LG's 32-inch display is a great option for photo and video editors looking for a display that can provide crisp, color-accurate representations of their projects. The IPS panel will also provide excellent viewing angles to help you demonstrate your exceptional work to all of the clients that'll be surrounding you.

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Samsung Odyssey 32-inch, 4K monitor for $549

Save $250 Samsung's Odyssey G7 monitor


Current price: $549Original price: $800

Samsung's Odyssey line of gaming monitors are the company's current lineup of top-end gaming displays. Given the premium specs, it's rare to see a model dip this low in price, especially one with a 4K resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and support for both AMD's FreeSync and Nvidia's G-Sync. It's also a rare member of the Odyssey family that skips the curved display, making it great for gamers that prefer a flat panel.

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Dell 27-inch, 75Hz IPS monitor for $144

Save $76 Dell 27-inch 1080p monitor


Current price: $144Original price: $220

Dell's IPS panels are known for punching well above their weight class, but it's rare to see one available for under $200. The 1080p resolution means even modest video cards should be able to max out the 75Hz upgraded refresh rate for smoother gameplay as well. The slims bezels also make it a great option as a secondary display, or even for creating a multi-monitor setup with more than one. After all, 3 of these would cost you less than many single ultrawide displays. 

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Asus 24-inch Eye Care monitor for $109

Save $25 Asus 24-inch eye care monitor

Asus -- Amazon

Current price: $109Original price: $134

Asus's 24-inch display may look like other models on this list, but it's designed a better option for people that suffer from eyestrain after staring at their screens all day. Its flicker-free panel and ultra-low blue light emissions help eliminate two of the biggest factors causing eyestrain. It even features an anti-glare surface so those pesky reflections from nearby windows or lamps won't bother you anymore either.

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Sceptre 24-inch 75Hz LED monitor for $89

Save $41 Sceptre's thin 24-inch, 75Hz monitor

Sceptre -- Amazon

Current price: $89Original price: $130

The #1 best seller in Amazon's Computer Monitors category has earned that position by being a great do-it-all display for an already excellent price. With this discount, that price got even better, making this an outright steal for a budget-friendly media consumption or productivity display.

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BenQ ZOWIE 24.5-inch, 240Hz monitor for $429

Save $71 BenQ Zowie's XL2546K monitor with accessories

BenQ -- Amazon

Current price: $429Original price: $500

BenQ's Zowie brand might not be as widely known as some of the largest gaming peripheral makers, but it has a cult-like following, especially among pro gamers and those competing at the highest levels in FPS games. For these folks, frames matter the most, and 240Hz means you'll see up to 240 of them per second, providing optimal performance and the best chance of getting the drop on your opponent. There are cheaper 240Hz models, but none offer the DyAc+ feature included with this monitor that all but eliminates motion blue, no matter how fast you're moving. There's a reason why pro FPS players at the pinnacle of Valorant and CS:GO swear by this monitor.

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Samsung 27-inch curved HD monitor for $149

Save $40 Samsung's 27-inch curved monitor

Samsung -- Walmart

Current price: $149Original price: $189

This Samsung model isn't the newest display on the list by any means, but with curved monitors once again becoming popular, it's wort revisiting. It's full HD resolution and HDMI inputs mean it could be great for media consumption, and its a rare model that offers a curve at this size without being an ultra-wide form factor.

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How did we choose these Black Friday monitor deals?

We trawled through all of the major retailers, mainstream deal sites, and more niche deal sites to find not only the best offers on products with extremely broad appeal, but also on monitors that suit the needs of the more niche shopper, like creative professionals or competitive gamers. We then selected the best offers among those from the most reputable retailers to share with you. 

When is Black Friday 2022?

This year's Black Friday shopping extravaganza falls on Nov. 25, but the sales are already underway, and will continue through the holiday shopping season. 

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday follows Black Friday on November 28. While bargains are available every day between now and the end of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain the two biggest shopping days of the year.

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